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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#49 (reveal difficulty score)
The gene that codes for a protein normally ...
Deletion of a hydrophobic amino acid sequence from the N terminus 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳
tags: cell_bio cell_trafficking cell_transport 

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submitted by drdoom(1199)
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  1. eT“h yssstehni fo ltaiylvur lal noretips in the llec nisgbe on ierbosoms ni hte”o (stiElensa lCle gyBolio, lrebtsA et a.l, 140,2 p. )492

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qball  sweAome aatxnenlipo. Nwo liaxpen ti ot em elki 'Im 5. +13
drdoom  lAl ybba pidstepe rae robn ni het otso.cyl Btu soem baby setdpepi aehv a khriarmtb ta hetir ns-meN.irut eTh bmrrahikt ltesl a eclspia aanlmim that this ybab ednse to be rveeedild eehsrowem If uoy ophc off hte mairhkrbt — ro eersa ti hmoewos — het lmanmia veenr sonwk ot aetk yabb to ist rtue me.oh hTe wNo go to espel or aSnta nt’wo igbnr oryu pnse.tser +82

submitted by jejunumjedi(30)
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youssefa  sI ihst eenv ni A?F ehcoiBm tehcapr lony ionmnset Ps.RS +1
lovebug  @ysueofas 9,1AF gp ec[l4.l7 ftfirkgcina] btu not +1

submitted by baengotti(3)
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hTe iser-umntN is rewhe you veah alisng depesitp wihhc edifne eth agtetr of the etnposri t(iknh fo emth as oltpsa ) aTcliyyp,l ntoripse are in the pymoclsat eratf they era aem,d ubt iecns eth eavh gtsa at intus-em,rn hety og ot enfdfreit artstge elik iths seca ER. ,wNo fi het ntpiroe is naetedir in hte tsacpmoy,l tish amesn eth umaottni lasiedbd hte gat (no potals cdo)e. ece,nH it is ektp in the calm.stopy

minion7  usj a .emr..r....ine.d I lelc easiesd - nsmaneo sdseeiru ear ot eb egtdga yb hesaohppt to tneer myessools - elrafui fo pohrsaypohnilto ni oilgg ued to bsneeac of oaehsfarsensotphpr - oitspnre era ctserede xrleytellclarua utb not to ehers mreofleyossot yan nrteiop moedfr wlli b tagdeg oerbef ti setnre ayn pefciics le!n!glraa!o +4
michsmith49  ne-usTNmir stiasss ihtw oaatiNgni.v N = ntivaagNo.i +

submitted by sd22(2)
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