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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#49 (reveal difficulty score)
The gene that codes for a protein normally ...
Deletion of a hydrophobic amino acid sequence from the N terminus 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳
tags: cell_bio cell_trafficking cell_transport 

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submitted by pppro(25),
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submitted by drdoom(1146),
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  1. e“Th issehsytn fo vaitruyll lla otsenrip in teh elcl seigbn no srmobeiso ni the c.syotlo” (naEsitsle llCe oigyoBl, lrtAbse et .,la ,2041 p. )429

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qball  osAmwee n.atxlaepino Now pxlneai it to me ikel Im' 5. +11  
drdoom  lAl byab peidetps are orbn in teh oo.tcyls But esom ybba tiepsdep aehv a rbartmikh ta irhet Nsuei.n-tmr hTe tikhrbarm stlle a pcsaeil lmaiman that shti byba sndee ot be dvireedel eremwoehs se.el If uoy chop ffo eht imkbtrhra — or esrea ti eosmwho — het mlmaani rneev kowns ot taek aybb to tis true hm.oe eTh .dne wNo og to lesep or tanaS o’nwt nrigb yrou ee.trsspn +75  

submitted by jejunumjedi(30),
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I itknh siht si edciisbngr a ilsnag tieppde bphyrhocio(d ta Nmus).e-rint ittWhou singla tedpepi ;g=t& tn’ca be dpostanrtre noti osiaeclpmdn rtimu.ulce

youssefa  Is sith evne ni FA? oBehicm caperth yoln mtionsne SR.sP +1  
lovebug  sseafy@ou F9,A1 gp 47ellc.[ gr]ictnfikfa but ont +1  

submitted by baengotti(2),
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eTh sNmeniu-tr is hewer you evah aglnsi eiepstdp iwhhc eidnfe eht agtert fo the psiotnre nthik( fo hmet as olaspt c)edo. T,lpyylica otrnepsi aer ni eth laymsoctp taerf ethy era dea,m ubt cesni the hvae sgta ta tim-,rnnseu tyhe og to terfdnfei tasterg leki iths caes R.E N,wo fi eth npeoitr si trndaeei ni het cysplatmo, shit amsen teh unitmato dbealisd eth agt n(o lposat d).oec Hce,en it is kpet in eht psacmyl.ot

minion7  ujs a I llec esadesi - meansno isesrdue era to eb tgegda by tsahepoph ot etrne losysosem - irlfuea of hpnrolhaposiyot ni oligg ued ot cneebas fo eshenashaofrorsptp - isprnoet aer eeetsdcr lartelerlxulyac ubt otn ot sthsrmereoeeo syofl yna nirpeto roefdm iwll b tagged feebor ti eenrts ayn iecpiscf nel!!r!aogla +4  
michsmith49  N-Tenimsru isatsss htiw avtNnaigo.i N = ivo.gtaaniN +  

submitted by sd22(1),

Can anyone help explain what the other options would entail?

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