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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#49 (52.2 difficulty score)
The gene that codes for a protein normally ...
Deletion of a hydrophobic amino acid sequence from the N terminus🔍
tags: cell_bio cell_trafficking cell_transport 

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submitted by drdoom(819),
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  1. eTh“ isnteyssh fo ralyvtilu all rstneiop in hte ellc singbe no ooessrbim ni eht oc.”tlyos (snEtaiels lCle oByoigl, relAtsb et ,l.a 24,01 p. )294

f*I uyo arleyl tnaw ruoy mdin ,bolwn noidersc that neev hte ieotnrp nuuisstb ahtt make pu that 13/ of a ebsomoir ear ssmvetheel lyiinlait eshzidtsney ni teh ycl;otso a,erlt they rae dartnpteors cbka noit het elcnuus vai het larnecu

qball  Awesome explanation. Now explain it to me like I'm 5. +8  
drdoom  All baby peptides are born in the cytosol. But some baby peptides have a birthmark at their N-terminus. The birthmark tells a special mailman that this baby needs to be delivered somewhere else. If you chop off the birthmark — or erase it somehow — the mailman never knows to take baby to its true home. The end. Now go to sleep or Santa won’t bring your presents. +36  

submitted by jejunumjedi(29),
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I ikhnt htsi si dcinbgesri a alisng epdtepi obirhpycdho( ta N)r-mt.suein tothiWu iaglns pipeetd t&g;= n’cat be snerroptatd noit midepnsacol mtcruleui.

youssefa  Is this even in FA? Biochem chapter only mentions SRPs. +1  
lovebug  @youssefa FA19, pg 47.[cell trafficking] but not details... +1  

submitted by baengotti(1),
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hTe uetnrs-iNm is eherw oyu evha nliags ptedeisp whcih neidef eht ttgrae of hte inresotp ikhnt( of mhet sa tospla od)ce. ,yaipyTcll snpoietr era in hte oyatsmlpc trafe yhte era da,em tub nisce the ahve gast at s,r-utenimn hety og to efdtrinef gtesrat lkie isht case .RE o,wN if the pieotrn si ineradet ni het o,lctsaymp hsit saemn hte iamtoutn ldbsaied the tag o(n tlspoa ,neceH ti si tkpe ni hte maylpt.osc

minion7  jus a reminder........ I cell disease - mannose residues are to be tagged by phosphate to enter lysosomes - failure of phosphorylation in golgi due to absence of phosphotransferase - proteins are secreted extracellularly but not to lysosomes therefore any protein formed will b tagged before it enters any specific organalle!!! +4  
michsmith49  N-Terminus assists with Navigation. N = Navigation. +