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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#49 (reveal difficulty score)
The gene that codes for a protein normally ...
Deletion of a hydrophobic amino acid sequence from the N terminus 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳 / 📖
tags: cell_bio cell_transport cell_trafficking

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submitted by drdoom(1205)
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The tisnsyehs fo vlutrylia lal rniopest pdmp)e&(-eARt;igNt rosucc in het yop.smatcl[]1 sT’aht weehr lla mrsoioebs s,ridee ertfa lal. mRo,isesob hciwh aer ostmyl jtus RNAr 3/~(2 ANrR + 13/ proti,ne* by tghie),w are mbdealsse in eht seuulcn utb lyon od htire sufft cone ehty tge to the ymatlp.sco

Fro a iertpon ot alvee tsi iargonli onmhewot fo het tlcoyos adn oecebm a tisrdene fo hte lncueus r,o sa,y het isadmelnocp ci,trmuuel ti esnde ot aevh a ittell nsgtir fo inmao dsiac cwihh husot I“ gnoleb in the u”!ecnlus or I“ engolb ni eth lcpadiesmno eiumt”l!urc

rointPes ltaytulmei ddisnete orf eht ER niatcno an inuiygnamtlevia danme gsnirt fo amion cdias nnkow as a“lngis euc,”qesne cwih,h fro the upepsros of hte Step ,1 si always ta het smtue-N.nri eTh gsilan sneuceqe eltsl rteoh sltooiccy ptr,oesni “H!ey kaeT me d(na the ters fo teh tppeedi fo hwcih I am )rtap ot the R”E!

In eht eesbnac of tshi l,nisga a peinrot will raemin ni its uflde“t”a eomh fo het lscy.too

reeq&;osusrH a ienc esthaccmi hwnsogi teh wfol of septiron rmfo ialtiin tsiyneshs ot ilafn dtnot:aiinsse


  1. eTh“ ssyhintes fo ilayvltru lla nrpisote ni teh llce ignbes no ioorsesbm in het oyol”cs.t (essinlEat Clel oiolByg, rlAetsb et .la, 012,4 .p 42)9

If* uyo lylaer nwat your mind bonlw, dnirosec htta nvee hte erotinp suinbstu atth amke up htat /31 fo a rbsooemi ear semlseethv ilyailnit dznsteehsyi ni the yctslo;o ,eatrl tehy rea porerattdsn abkc ntio eht uunsecl aiv the crnelau o.rpe

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qball  eoeAmsw nx.oanelpita wNo xealipn it ot me keli I'm .5 +13
drdoom  All aybb edtpispe ear bron ni eth clotyos. But meos bayb pepsteid heav a mhrkrtbai ta ertih .Nnm-tsieru The ritmhbrka etlsl a scelapi aalmmin htta thsi abyb ensed to be ddlreeevi eeoemwsrh lee.s If yuo phoc fof hte ktairmrbh — or eares it omeshow — eht malmina veenr nwkso to aetk byba to its rteu Teh d.en oNw og to eslep or Satan tw’on inrbg rouy eers.stnp +83

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submitted by jejunumjedi(30)
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I ihtkn tihs si gibnicerds a slagni tdpeipe rpb(hodychio at N-treui)nms. iuohWtt nilsag dppieet t=;&g n’atc be erotrdnpats onit mepncsoilda

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youssefa  Is isth nvee ni ?AF ihecBmo atcehpr yoln nsoeinmt .RSsP +1
lovebug  yfsoa@ues 1,AF9 gp c74.lel[ fiiga]krcftn ubt tno .laseit.d. +1

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submitted by baengotti(3)
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Teh -tuNnmersi si wrehe ouy vahe nlisga ietesdpp hhwci fdniee hte tgrtea of het osnpirte itkh(n fo ehmt as paslot d) pTylylia,c ptonseri are in het yclaopmst efrat yhet rea d,eam ubt sienc het eavh gats ta ism-nnue,tr yhte go ot enditffre srtgtea ielk shti ceas ER. ow,N if hte pnotier is aedrietn ni the mc,asoylpt isth menas het ntmiutao ladeisbd hte tag on( psalto )deo.c ne,Hec it si ektp in eht pcyost.alm

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minion7  jus a ..n..edei...rrm. I cell saieeds - sonnema riuessed aer ot be geatdg by hptspaeoh ot etren oemsyslos - aerilfu of ioaolypsnotrhhp ni oggli ude ot enaescb of fpspoerhternshsaao - rpensito era rtseedce rryxaelcllealtu tub ont ot seeeo ymtfroslorseh yan oerptin mfeord lwli b egtgda reeofb ti tnrese yna sfpecici aer!no!llag! +4
michsmith49  iNmurs-nTe sastsis iwth ngaivoNit.a N = igoNaatvni. +

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submitted by sd22(2)
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nCa oynnae phle pliaxen twah het rtohe tpnoosi olwud ?nelait

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