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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#49 (reveal difficulty score)
An 80-year-old woman comes to the emergency ...
Hydrochlorothiazide ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—hungrybox(1277)
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oihordlrdayHhcotiez si a ieiazthd rdteiiuc =;tg& iaeihtzd ecrdtiius aer oiseacadts wiht hmoaylp.ikae

Wtah roeht iudtercis aer sisdaoecta ihtw p?ayekomilah Loop duceri.sit


iiihnotnbI fo +aN poaroirtsenb ocursc in thob polo cuistdeir (ihbitni CCKN prta)ncrresoot adn aiidhtez iritcsedu ntbii(hi CaNl n.rec)rrstapoort llA fo htsi ensreidca Na+ esraiescn rlAonstdeoe .yivictta

nReveatl ot sith bm,operl dntAerelsoo aeugrtusepl npsrioxees fo the K+aN+/ PTA aoretitnpr s(bbrreoa +aN oint y,odb plxee K+ tion n).ulem This elsturs ni mykepaoaihl in eth .doyb

Hang o,n t'rhees mroe ihgh yield oif!n

rdnoAseleot deso neo tehro motriaptn hngti - caatniovit of a H+ nelachn hatt lexspe +H noit eht nem.ul

,So ngive thta ihst peiatnt ash lmpkho,iyeaa oyu kwon erteh is ltopgeunariu fo lrnsood.eteA Do uyo thnik hre Hp wldou be ,hhig ro l?wo xlEa,tcy ti would be ighh asbeecu cn.i eoedsnAotlr gt;=& .nci +H edeexlpl inot het nlmeu ;&=tg toiaclbem osa.alski

oNw uyo nedarsndut wyh thbo lpoo iitsurdce nad aieitzdh suedcitir cna saceu 'hastw cldale mioyaec"hklp icloametb all"

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hungrybox  esujs hsti neaswr saw balorpby oto lgno i'm roysr +9
meningitis  I rsdeeig.a ts'I eth opeemclt hogttuh rsoceps nedeed ofr mayn ipLhod/izToea oueqstin hatt nca eb .wnohrt nahs.kT +17
amirmullick3  hisT si ahwt EMNB olusdh eb nvoprgiid htwi hcea it'oqnesus ccoerrt rw!nsea skhTna bhg!nyxruo +1
amirmullick3  oxy@nurbgh ddi ouy anme "llA fo sith RCEDAEDES aN ercsnsaie eseoanrtlod "ityi.catv? +2
pg32  ynoneA cera to eaxipln wyh hes lfese hse ah,s os"tl ][her "?epp sI tath due to hte ehilo?yapkam rO paylicehemrac eacdsu by het dze?tshaii +
cmun777  ojdam@o p32g@ I admessu tbnewee erh apehkoaymli h(whic cna useac signtea/auke)efws and plbsesio tnoirtoccna sikaolsal stheo eewr teh osmt elliky secsau rof hte los"t hre ppe" mt.eomnc I hntik if tyhe wdneta ot ndecaiit clhmieyaecapr ot fantiiefedetr fi oopl dtueriics were aosl ni het werasn iescoch teyh owudl yetrnlcia giev oemr eotxntc for cycaraehilpem xs +

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submitted by usmlewarrior(8)
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If htbo TCZH adn oplo iuscedirt were ipdvoedr sa na newrsa ech,coi ehtufrr eluc taht htcz wlduo be eth wnsaer cheoci is het arttnoiesnep fo het ietpnta efnge"li n.fu"ny ishT sgsgtseu pmcceeailrhay psrii(cyhcta eovnetsro) hichw si a sdie tcfeef iuuqne to .ZHCT

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adong  reeht w'stan ayn loop +
the_enigma28  odoG p!enoxa!nltia +

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submitted by โˆ—neonem(629)
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haziTdei cudstirie ear teh sacsl wiht eht gtslera sirk of i.ylakpehmao

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submitted by โˆ—the_enigma28(69)
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nCa anoyne xpilnea what edso "oslt rhe "epp nsme?a

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drdoom  p`ep` aayllctu smoec ormf ppr`;eep` to `perepp` snthiogem i(iugdnlcn a fodo s)ih!d is ot kaem ti roem vso,ogrui ot vegi it erom kci,k ot ziviealt i.t ,os ot lesโ€œo โ€™sone โ€epp si to osel enโ€™so tl,ytiaiv lfee aefdut,gi lfee ltl,karusec et.c yire.:we/d///psnwhlmotto.emwncopwtp +1

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