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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#50 (reveal difficulty score)
A 32-year-old woman comes to the emergency ...
Arthropod vector ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—tissue creep(133)
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rtdhpooAr for ,seru but rof teh rorecd I'm eprytt ersu siht was Cnnkahuiuyg usrVi. nOly got sith omfr a ordWlU itunsqeo as I dnah't nese ti tnuil he,tn ubt aplaeyntrp hte lgrtrhiaaa si ryllea ad,b hichw is thaw dwer em ot teh ne.rasw


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meningitis  reMo kile Zkai iurVs aSem( .a gtipeya eovrt)c sinec it sasy she sah srha csoadsatei ot hre eobn and ucmlse np.ia I had aikZ eon etim (i levi ni euortP eRomRrb.c e ei)m asol guened nad aikZ rea ruaiFslvvi. eenugD cna caesu smsoielyh eg(cai,ormrh)h nda Zkia is ecissodata ihtw enlulGi aBrer dna lefat ai.bsinmlarote +12
nala_ula  mI' csdohek thta I nodfu a ellwfo troupe nrcia on sthi !eist Godo lkuc on yuor st!et +2
namira  notd be e!odkshc em to!o eiot!x +2
niboonsh  ngeDeu is lsao konnw as en"ob bkear r"evef hwcih mskea em itkhn tsi moer lekliy ot be negued ude ot the riuci"entxgac ipasn in osntij adn "us.lmcse l4.blc/:/7.vgChwcpt/n/ +25
dr_jan_itor  I swa intkghin htat its Meruin uhtsyp setindmartt by lfsae +
monique  I luwdo ysa sith si rmeo llyiek eirsnoac of eiterh eneuDg or nu,nuhygikCa tno Zkai .rsuvi rExtncuiaigc anip is cmoonm ni e,soht ont in .kaZi Ziak hsa lmdier ssommytp of etosh ether .fionntcie +2
jakeperalta  anC frmnoic taht ukhanynugisC' rralaaihtg si etrpty hel,ribor omfr rnplesao xceepe.nrie +
almondbreeze  :UW foonctinc-ei ihwt uiykcnhgnua irvus thiw geudne iruvs cna eocucr bc Aeeds tqosimuo si a etcovr fo hbot iugCyuh,nna ,gnudee nda aikz +
lovebug  9F012A, gaep 167 RAN vusiers.y +
lovebug  udnoF that iChgnnyauku sola veah .sR/h//a nA omteeusahtyr amlurca ro oulpmlcraaaup ashr uallsuy praespa in teh tirfs โ€“32 dyas fo teh eslsnil dan ssdesbui iniwht โ€“107 adsy. tI nca eb thapyc ro sdeffui on het ca,ef untrk nda mb.isl tI si iyylapclt yaocimpttasm tub yma be rutrciip Ttbizu(a W, rCarme ,PJ panauK A, et la. nCikuuanyhg erfve ni lrtaesr:ve naiilclc eirnaetnspot adn sourec. lnCi nceIft s.Di 7200; :54 .1e ) +1
beto  it is kuvacgn,;-efni&uyhretg ataprilgh,lorya fsidfeu mclraau hsra, gneedu sha airloetrrbt-o ainp oysltm +1

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submitted by โˆ—haliburton(225)
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ym ntoes rfmo UODLWR: ndase tapeygi mqsoiotu = d negue ,otsuh etssaothu sa,ia pcciifa nslsdai, iar,ecbarn ia rcmesa HA, =rortoieabtrl npai, otijn pnia, csmuel e.cah epetheic,a arprpuu, si,aesitpx ,elamen ohietnooyrb pact pno,kleueai cttncheromaoonien

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thomasalterman  Dngeue si na sairovubr. The titnmapor itsnh aer htta ehs swa inrvgatle in eemidnc trpo)lai(c and ttha hse sah t*xneurcg*aici inap ni eht intojs nda euclms.s** iThs is hwy endgeu si kaa "rekbaen-bo ve"erf +
sam  Saem ervtoc +
sam  aeSm trcevo +
macroorchidism  hYea I eedsms up eth esunoitq oot, tub eaftr gdn,gigi eht ceatx rvisu sni't pornttmia i(Z,ak ,eDngeu ro yukigu)nnaCh encsi tyhe all aehv graarhalit NAD ear hdotorApr noebr .vusisre en oArth gtnenersiit tacf I eaedlrn fmor Q skanb atth tw'nsa in AF asw ahtt hugnnuikaCy enams et"pospd w"lak adn sphpena eeuacbs fo erevse tghpoyarraiall and is aosl dtaasosice ithw a shar +

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submitted by โˆ—astrid93(2)
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sIt ungDee ubseea:c

,D-ugnee nniauhCygku adn kaZi :evha refv,e pallmrucauapo ashr and htarlaasrig nad era dsntmetiatr hhurotg eAdse tue.eeynp-Di gga nda k:ihuyanugCn veah gicutxinerca anip ni ston,ij tub ndegeu sha brraittoelro napi - Zotakoi:. low gread veefr uldr(e Ckau)o-hiyutgu nn ahs soten of potsmmsy uorscc niiwht 2 wseke rl(ude t)ou dna ue'gneDs etons tsmpoysm cscrou 1-20 syda. The toenqsui asys 4 dsya oga het porens ertdnreu rfom the .itpr

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submitted by โˆ—thepacksurvives(21)
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yM ghtotuh swa htat tshi si emdenic htupsy mrof louse no[ a eciu,sr hasr yoln on eth unkt,r tr]raaglhai


sltoyneH, even fi ti si egdneu wsa teh asem narwes sgurh ojemi

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uslme123  I did oot ... utb It osolk like eth mitngi fsti bteetr for dnge.e +

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submitted by โˆ—apurva(101)
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I ernodw i scoeh euxaโ€œsl insiorsamsโ€tn caeubes easm caokngrubd of oetisnqu esmt swa ni MSOBAS iatgtsn het cteua eurms sncssiek ielk petetarsonni fro eHp .B

Nnoe het ,yaw EBMN win.s

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