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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#7 (reveal difficulty score)
A 50-year-old man with rheumatoid arthritis ...
Anemia of chronic disease ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–
tags: hemeonc repeat

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submitted by โˆ—dr.xx(176)
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mngAo eht tsom eptlvnrea ihalotcomge msieioanbtlra in aitetspn htwi hioocgraluetm ddroierss ear eth niaeam fo honricc seedias (,CDA) a ilmd aieanm taht is grylenale atpymisom,act nad niro eeniycifcd .eimaan

nI iyii-deorenccnf inm,aea eth IBTC udlow rhighe ntha โ€“045400 m/dLgc eacubse orsset dlwuo be .owl

nietatsP ihtw AR laisoonyclca ahve oturncncre orin cyncifedei aimane dan DAC. Wenh isth ,cruocs teh oeohbmginl lleve yauulls rdops to eowlb .59 d/g,L adn the MCV si sles nath .08


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sympathetikey  Gto the ihtrg esnarw ot,o tub mn,a ttah olehw "1 tohmn artfe sitrtagn hap"trey soalmt hrwte em ff.o +1
fkstpashls  lal I do is upt hte rgonw ansewr ewhn mI' ewebnte two. ckFu +1

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submitted by โˆ—ragacha(17)
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FA 8120 egpa .940 saeocitsAd tiwh namtolminafi R,(A S,LE K.)DC

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submitted by bartolomoose(3)
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sThi noe si aiylrf glaicol if oyu emerberm ttha icrabeta LVEO our So hmuc ,so ttha our dyob acme up whti a wya oadnru ti. ehWn an icfotinne si ceetdedt by teh b,oyd it skema ekli a oyasomdd pepprer adn soatnb wdno the e.cshaht

"llA het nori otin hte e,nosb ikucq ^r)t!irifen( dHei it mrfo hte e!tduisnrr Get hesto nrio erldveyi ksutrc in)i(rrtef off het ardo lo(o)b!d

ithw dsrcdeeae rifitrne socem a arcdeese iypctaca for bdiignn roin ni het lbood

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cooldudeboy1  i ilke het way ot emmrbree cad tub trehe is no ricaelabt eoogilyt ni odiutaemRh ititarrsh is etre?h +
the_enigma28  eTh ydbo eroiencsgs orcinch nilaftrmoyam esatts sa isteoifcnn +
fatboyslim  iineFtrr si ont teh "nior idrveley ukstr"c, ttash' allautcy FNIRNRSREAT nae(trsfsr nrio to ervil adn oneb roma)w.r tirneiFr is hte AOSTGER romf fo orin in hte vlire adn beon mrarow. nI naamie of circnho sdeis,ea herte usaulyl si na afrilymtmano rspcsoe oging wehe(hrt fnsiouc,eti uam-umnieto as[ in shit eacs of hedutRmaio rhsrt,i]tAi ro )na.crce Dirugn afitloi,mnamn the doby esareles L,I-6 hhcwi esrealse ndiie.phc ipHeidnc tualeesrognwd nroioeprftr asnnclhe ni hte utg adn on ;hcgpmaraeso hrtoeeerf uyo oasbbr lsse nior omrf eth GI nda roni is tpdprea in rcgpeaosamh irfr)i(nte dna oacnnt be dseu orf CRB tooc.irdpnu All isth usesac ADNCERISE ITRFINR,E dsceredea CIBT (fi tiiefrrn eogs p,u CTBI sgoe dnwo nad ciev ,vesar) dna rddeceesa surme ionr vleesl nad CIBT ttaiuarons h(te beno romraw lwli ckus up lla eht reusm orni to amke BsRC cuseeba it aoncnt emka esu of eht orni esodtr sa r)ftrenii. +13

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submitted by โˆ—namesthegame22(13)
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ACD si onmmoc in atnpesti htiw iculrahmgooet diaesses chsu sa SLE; it si hte uertls fo aedsircne iehinpdc eercstion eiadmtde yb ecisdaern catetononsircn of ayrtmilanofm notyse.ikc

hisT utslres in eht aednriesc etentorni fo nori iwtnhi teh RSE nad ieadrmpi iron pxeaiontrot orf esu ni tseiroeyshroip hwti esonqutnec amiae.n

  • rntireFi necsoatrntcio:n rnlaom ot de.carnsei
  • Semur inro cneitacornnots: w.ol
  • CB:TI ow.l
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namesthegame22  "fI obudt eixsts in nhisnitdsgigui beeewnt CDA dna inor fe en,iaydencaimci reammteuesn fo eth uesbllo rrnatfiesnr rptrceoe acn be eus.u"fl - BENM +

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