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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#16 (reveal difficulty score)
A 34-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
Atrioventricular bundle ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—hayayah(1212)
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iTsh tp ahs na ASD hwcih si a lo""eh wtneebe eht AL and AR. ingxFi it odlcu gaadem het VA ndsebl.u

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sahusema  teh raoitlraunerictv eulbnd is alos dalecl eht lnbedu fo ihs +6
bbr  Waht fi it had sadi VA" ,"nedo 'shatt ni hte aaeliiarnttr uspemt sa w,ell rgit?h 'Im egwnid,onr thta olduc eb arsewn sa el.lw (AF 2910 g219)p +1

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submitted by โˆ—chandlerbas(118)
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DLR:T atls ctseenne emzrsamsui it

The xecat emncmiahs uieglndrny BVA woflloign ASD ruseocl nsemria .eeavulcstip eW anc oiphezseyth htat the isbsoepl cnsamemhi of AVB is na afotnrylmima nssreoep adn bunuessqet eamde sa a orteirlcaev serltu of iclahacnem gbnurib fo het uerlcdco insaagt eht roiaxlpm cuoicontnd y.sstem eTh msgarni fo het esmuncdu ilrata seplat tecfed inedcul cโ€™Bannmhas ndelu,b teh ayprmri athp ofr letrleaicc iucootcndn mfro the aaotsinlir odne ot het ceaurtalnirrtivo od.en eTh vnortacuireitlar tndooinccu d,nlbue chwih mresege fomr annโ€™hBmacs luendb in hte rrcovttiaeiuanlr oden aear ot tccuodn trcicleeal ipemsuls to teh kuinejrP f,esrib si eilyalpsce poern to ad.gaem

veuiocAalrrnritt Blcko teSuqsubne ot ranpoevreIitta iDvcee Cusreol liAtar lStpea Dtecfe itwh cnostTaahcirr ilnmaiM i;sonvnaI A aerR adn rSuisoe mnCicoopiatl 4/tsn3iwoiwm:/ccll25...t2phgesChM/Pvw/c.3pi/ma/n7brtn

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submitted by โˆ—burak(71)
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'sntI ti endeendtp no eth aticolno? I newaedsr it conaorry snusi ecseaub va onde is tldceoa in coKh n;rtilage iwhhc poomscde of snCi,Su noTnde fo Tor,oad spdTiuicr u?slnuna

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hello  eTh rertcoc ewsnar aws iuetaoaclnrvrrti LEN--UBD si't lsao ownkn sa the nludeB fo iHs. VA ndlBue โ‰  AV +3
burak  Nwo t'si ermo gfuconsni to m)e: seaebcu av edblnu is oemr onririef ot het av deo.n +
hello  Pntatie hsa ASD &;t--g deen to iperar lniirtreata pusmt.e AV dlebun kaa ulbdne fo Hsi is adecotl anter treriatnial .pmuset nCyrorao usins enpos iton aiatr utb is not cotdlea near the eatnitiralr eptums +6

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submitted by โˆ—hello(429)
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aslePe elph

-Mdsolyciits etoeicnj click = milncpuo sonsseti

How si niulpomc isonests dlateer ot the ntptseai' SAD -- sdeo DAS cuaes pucmlnio sseo?sn?it

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burak  SAD ash piaclyylt 3 sideocsaat sduson rinaocdcg ot W,U hety rea lal tboua cesnidrea odlob in R.A secdrnIae bdloo in RA seusac remo dlobo od cjedtee ofrm iupdrtcis oca(stdiลŸl lb,u)rme nda oemr blood to be deetjec ot mulaoyrpn iluioanrtcc ichhw asecu plymuarno wlof uumrrm ldmscyotii(s rmmuur in uyrlnpoam e) tI vnee can ucase poaymlrun rnetoggraiui ekil mmru,ru tub mots mnrtpatio umrmru ni ASD is alyyiltcp doiscyslimt urrmum. You nca kecch ti uto on AF 2018 paeg 428 +3
hello  k,O hwta I en:arlde xEtar doblo ni hte thgir arteh e(du to )SAD snoted' dlae ot lcoimnpu ssseoint? dntesI,a i'ts htat ulnciomp inssoste = otsm ooncmm mbcoodri earth anitosocisa wthi DSA +1
burak  No sti' ont lpiucmon esso,itsn ti eodts'n a.lde Mmurur soeisatacd with DAS is oinpuclm eiskntol-iess mu,mrur sbeeacu 'its dasceu by sxesce RA nda VR omlveu ctjneige to the mnyaorlpu .etrerias So ti's asme colonati thiw npcmouil ssstieo,n and its' os.tsiylc oYu gte ti? +2
hello  kra@ub ep!Y +
peachespeaches  Fexid p=list dWDSieA =ltpiS mhiogntse kile umpl toss.nsei Th e stiquonse yas "difxe sp"lti +

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