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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#19 (reveal difficulty score)
A 3-year-old boy who recently immigrated to ...
Increased proportions of osteoid πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—neonem(599),
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ahtoPam ssay ttah srnetliaitti cap(ytai)l pnnmeiuao si teircaezhdrac yb fefsudi ntlisieatrti erittian,lfs ensstpre w/ vateelilyr imld uprpe pesr osypmsmt lainim(m msuput p;&ma owl ,vrf)ee and is stom ofnte acsude yb iveus,sr utb acn be lticbeaar. evwreoH, ihst euisoqnt is ieptrnensg a circnoh ,caes so Im' unsiamsg hatt eht pseroivu sntiiatrelti aouempinn caduse a fbrtiico nrposees ni hte

submitted by ragacha(16),
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POHMATA page 619 EDU A OIDTEOS NIPESOTIDO … KSIRCTE is deu olw vti D .. IIRCTAHC RASRYO due ot eotiods nsoeotiidp at the JCNIOCO.IOTADCNHTLROSU

submitted by βˆ—hayayah(1145),
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shTi pt hsa aamlaoicetso / reikcst (nicse h'se a d)odik. Cuadse yb edftcieve ainotmilaiznre of seooitd cal)oeomtia(as ro atociuasrginl hrtwog lapste ,sretc(ki onyl ni rcinhl)ed.

sMto oncolmmy d/t imaitVn D fecien.dciy

hdierCln thiw kecsrti ehav opilghoact owb slge e(nug ,mv)aru libe-dkae norlodaocchst jcutnisno rth(iiacc aryr,)os rcnsboatiae ots(f .ksll)u

  • ec.D miVntia D malr(on fntcniou si to orrbasbe aC2+ nad P)O4

  • e.Dc urems 2aC+

  • Dce.  emrus P4O

  • nc.I HTP

lovebug  FA2019 455pg !!! +2  

submitted by βˆ—lola915(51),
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kinhT fo it shti :ywa iKd has V.Dit cefeyidnic/ tkc.Reis eH dense Vit D ot ieizmrnlea bo,en ihwhc naesm keam eooitsd toni mearut oen.b oN naitVmi D mnaes scsexe zlniuideaenrm nbeo aka oe.dsoti

submitted by βˆ—beethove(0),
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hsetykc hp:at ktsceri aer ded"recaes aeiiriamlzntno fo iaregtacl nobe @ lpyihsaepe wotrhg "talep

hwhci I ththguo was cieohc .A " eeancsb fo iclegarat @ aipesyhlep ghotrw ".plate But I htink tsath' rgnifrere ot oornaldca.pasih


submitted by βˆ—rdk3434(1),

i couldnt even guess this was rickets homie

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