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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#29 (58.7 difficulty score)
A healthy 25-year-old man is participating in ...

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submitted by assoplasty(90),
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hello  I want to re-emphasize something that @assoplasty has already stated :). The Q-stem states serum glucose = 100, and the Q asks why the patient is able to maintain normoglycemia. Therefore, you can immediately eliminate choices A and C because acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate are sources of energy during ketogenesis -- ketogenesis does not provide glucose energy sources. +4  
chandlerbas  ^ this checks out: valine and isoleucine are broken down in the muscle into branched chain 2 oxo acid via branched chain aminotransferase (reversible) then the valine and isoleucine leave the muscle and swims to the liver to be acted on by branched chain 2 oxo acid DH (irreversible). So bascially the process from taking BCAA valine and isoleucine requires 2 enzymes. the first enzyme is in the muscle, and the second enzyme is in the liver (for simplification purposes --> both organs contain both enzymes but dont have the same affinity for their substrate). source: so you're right to say that the liver +4  
toxoplasmabartonella  Thank you for such a great explanation. Isn't it glutamate instead of glutamine that combines with pyruvate in muscle to yield alanine for Cahill cycle? +1  
almondbreeze  @ toxoplasmabartonella think you are right +  

submitted by hayayah(1000),
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submitted by hello(259),
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submitted by frimmy_11(0),
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volcanobuns  @frimmy_11 Why would protein break down after only 20 hours? Shouldn’t fat be the major contributor now? Also, if protein is being used, then why isn’t valine the choice? Valine is also glucogenic. +  

submitted by volcanobuns(2),
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submitted by hello(259),
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