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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#48 (reveal difficulty score)
A 75-year-old man has fever, back pain, and ...
Enterococcus faecalis ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by felxordigitorum(12)
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Qiousnte kades for mgra evitispo occci ni IAHSNC. S. uursea smfor ,sulscrte negatliinim t.i sTih valees rnsocctocEeu afeciasl dna oGupr A ps.rte E. aaisfelc si atdaiessco hwti sU.IT

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almondbreeze  etg hte cisnalcil tbu got hrtwon fof yb n''cah.i 10FA92 .73g1p aslo ssya ccusco = rbeyr, tsorpet tsie=tdw hin(c,)a efiritefdintgna eht tw(o: +2

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submitted by โˆ—sinforslide(63)
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It sseme ilek aStph uraues UsTI' rae aomlst villuxeecys nsc,olamioo ep.s w/ apteitns whit riynaur ectetsar:h eW" ndeifiitde and eeedrtn otni teh usdty 102 tievseccnuo tesnipat orf mwho at tleas 1 iruen cuetlru wsa siiepovt rof .S reus8%a...2u dah a naiurry etchaetr fo osem pyte ni lpa"ce

erHe's het knli to hte ystdu

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submitted by aishu007(4)
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acn anyone nxelpai hwy ncaicusolacesctofere si the eawrns ere?h

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priapism  Btes I anc gsseu is ahtt bhot .S saueru and E. elsifcaa anc asceu UTI, ubt S. uearsu is seddebcir sa nvaghi serctusl rhewe as hte rteoh m+G iccco rea in nahsic +8
nala_ula  My ubotd eher in tshi osquetni is eth ftca htta uocrstnocceE csilaeaf si a noarlm tgu rscioormganim hatt aeucss heset fitferend psmotmys of skscnsei artef trionyniaerug or nioatlsesitatrgn .rroc..epesdu btu in ihts oeuinqts tehre is no onmeitn fo yna o.rureecpds +
fez_karim  its says siachn, os tno tshpa. ylon eroth si rtonee +
temmy  gccrnadoi ot ftisr id,a hspta uusaer si not eno of hte ihgh delyi usbg rfo ITsU +1
temmy  uit bgsu are Cpath.Eio Sl sclposu iesiKaehybtlpral aieueprmiat Sonnar cMocenatEunccrsssoreec retPous dmb sidniloPaerismoau oeaguirnsa +
privatejoker  hrWee in FA 2091 esod ti itls ttah oc.cuCcs si ecyalpcslifi in is?hacn +
privatejoker  os*C.uEcc i anem +
divya  aeprrikejvot@ AF 0812 Pg 143 ltbea +
jennybones  vieoktjerpra@ rtceoucnEcso si poruDG- E.PRTS rptseS ear ndaregra in is.hanc +2
santal  FA 1209 Paeg 93,6 oo.t +
backwardsprogress  eronccuscoEt si lsoa a prtety coonmm uasec of rnochci soai,ttpitrs ciwhh saw eht evgi waay in eth prmpto if yuo nditd nkow eht cecrrcttiasaihs fo oe:retn 1Mon3Pm./bti/h1/lpweiv:w7t//.catlss.cg5m3rni./chw7Cnp +

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submitted by โˆ—mangotango(27)
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eSmse ielk he ahs tioeeslhnirpyp ebuecas of eht smteciys ymmssotp ( fve.e)r ehT tsmo mmocon csseua fo ahtt ear .E olic 0)9(% fedwolol by tEcocrencous fsacleai and esKbliaell. The lyon noe ahtt sfit ednru g"amr ipivesot hc"asin is soecoEcturcn .cilaesaf // matoahP pg. 231

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