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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#17 (reveal difficulty score)
A 48-year old man is referred for evaluation ...
Increase in width ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—amirmullick3(76)
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rmmReeeb atht eht I=C X +-/ )ZSE( rwhee =(5E)SS/^nD. nda ES ssaredcee as n senr,esaic adn cive nv asIre. oru n,oiqeust ,n hte lmsepa s,iez is rangcisdee sacebeu ew iwll do efwer umatnsmesree fo eth hP T.sBi nemas ES wlil irace,esn so het IC will neeiasr.c

claaB,iysl whti rweef emnteeuamsr,s teh IC setg irewd esbauce uyo ened a rrlgea eaplsm ezsi for remo laeulabv

SULME Lvei -- meuewyol/vcseuwo.iwm.bult I hvea vdioes no BMNE sanintaxleop nda lal of Frits diA :)

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submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(464)
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nnCfdoecei tvilnrae ciseranse wiht aderesecd slapme izs.e

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usmleuser007  doluw euirrqe a a alegr eaplsm szei to ese if ether si a eurt inffecdree +
claptain  ihTs qeutosin is s.ugob IC esdo ont ayaslw scaeerin tihw secaerded mpsela zeis ro ivce srev.a uFor iaesdngr thwi lmsla tnaiavoir udlow igev a wrneoarr CI thna 10 gdenarsi wtih aregret t.aranviio ehT lnoy tghin ouy nca eb critane btauo yb inddga eorm samplse is htta hte CI lliw mtso iyekll ,ncaheg utb ihwhc ctoedinir is +9
bartolomoose  eallcR het oumfalr ofr e%ci9M5an +/- .1*96 spe)tqil)e/ssS(m(Darz +1
the_enigma28  l@ctpaain ehT topin uoy eadm si leteavrn ni dusesti nvvligino nomdar a.atd uBt ni seca fo tshi tuonsqi,e eth tada ngbie elctledco si ni afct teh oicliadst BP. eW atek evrslea sidaengr of BP ot lure uot ta-chetowi ohpseynrntei adn evha sa etcaacur niaegrd as sbsi.oepl nI shti s,cae ikngat meor inerdasg iwll lytalauc nowarr dwno eth inecceodfn tal.rvein heT drasngei eher srteenrpe hliyilpaogcos maa,rpeetr which odluwnt' yavr ryvyyey ldwyie in an ini.daudilv +1
lowyield  atl@painc i asw ghinnitk eth mase htign tbu enedd up hoiocgns teh esceiarnd esbecau otal fo EMNB sseme to rdwear teh roem smipiisctl arwnes anth het tgeoihinrknv nerwas +

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