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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#37 (reveal difficulty score)
A 66-year-old right-handed woman develops the ...
Area labeled 'B' (Internal capsule) ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—hungrybox(1277)
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lwoolFngi a ,restko tish atiepnt hda sweeksan fo her ltef ceaf dan ob,yd so het rsekot tusm evha fedtaecf teh hgrit edsi fo rhe rbian. B was hte ylon ieohcc on hte ritgh dsie of reh .rinab

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hungrybox  pso,oW E is soal no eth rgthi ides sla(o embreerm ttah aimigng is kooling pu ta seom,noe tefe uBt a cebleerlar tokrse olwud heav dseuca aaxait. +
mnemonia  Vrye ic!n!e +
usmleuser007  htWa setg me si htta ethy eoinnmt tath Lfet 23/ of eafc si .fedecfta iTsh ohlsud itcnedia a nno ccraltoi inotirnvane as mtos of hte cialnra ucieln era ytilabelral nnrdeteiav from the tlef nda rithg hm.eehisepr fI lfet 32/ fo teh acfe si dfecatef hent it uslohd oals mean tath teh ilnsoe is afert CN5 cuil.en +1
yotsubato  nuxho@ygrb a s tTh not hte eulmrblcee htsat hte cioalcpit o.leb uYo dwoul see dlseeiftd oyosuhommn maiasihpnoe in htat enolis +8
mrsmac  To ym i,ndm ti is imrelps to rsidonec eht suoetinq rfsti in tersm of odolb lpuspy rsi.bitudtoin Left disde pseaisrihme dna skwnesae of elorw /23 fo ecfa era ohbt vieicaidnt fo a MAC rru/stptoeekru rF(tsi diA 8210 .pg .94)8 ruetrFmhoer, eiscn eht nuryji has cffatede rtmoo nofintcu ew dowul eb gnioeidnsrc eth gdecdesinn trcta .e.i erlaatl optricoslnica chhiw socrsue oghhurt teh treaisapill rriospoet ibml of eth lanriten cauepls nthe tecsssdeau ni het acdalu mulled.a +1
mrsmac  oYuer' cgniidsreon eht grwno CN reeh. CN5 trmoo uconfnti noiselvv cumssel fo ioancttsami and owrle 32/ fo og.etnu The eernv in usiqtneo in htis ecsa si ICV/IN7 alicaF n. VIINC MNU iyujrn easffct the elrlaartanoct ieds, haweres MLN ynuirj sftcfea laiplaisert Frtsi( Aid 1028 p.g 615). e..i efroeb nad frtea eht ueslncu ni pson lrctp.eieyesv I opeh hsit .hselp +3
nala_ula  aiStpcs anems UMN leosni, insce yteh olsa 'notd fiecpys fi ether is mar ro leg sne,esakw I ndd'ti amuess ti asw MAC tkeors. I twne ihtw the rgensonai that ofr rethe to eb scitaps ,eehaspimirs treeh smut eb edmgada ot het MsNU nad otehrrefe teh iltnraen ucpelas is erehw eesth ctrats .rea +
champagnesupernova3  gmO ihts ohwle dsniciosus si o.fgnuncsi nIrletan upsaelc atoisncn ALL otoirplcsnaci dna oroccbtraubil iebfsr = rteallonacatr spiaehmiser adn MUN facali ienosl +24

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submitted by โˆ—divya(75)
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sypmil ainlnter slcaupe hsa ricpnltcsaoio and ooclbtaucirrb rsactt asps uthr ,ti ehcen eht /cl paiimersshe of ybdo dan .ecaf

fI ta all yhet awtn to konw hwat lyfalscipiec essasp urth ci (hchiw is tliycalrpac ,NEE)RV ehtenat nrroi bmli - ocataolaclmrtih rganecust, t - uaos,riirooorcbpetblctr lbmi - oa,sclrtnopcii all sesnyor

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submitted by โˆ—zevvyt(45)
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A= aCadute ( lnsfka aeaLrtl et)BeV incr=l alrtennI puslae,C eetenwb ausThlma dan nmLtroife ec(ulNsu ePmnuat, =CG )P hu(aalsTm aFslkn r3d rlVnti=ceeD prelaTom b EeoL= caiptOlci oLbe

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submitted by โˆ—burak(71)
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ettnaiP adh erntlca lcaiaf nvrea gmadae 4 lfte epashismrie; dan all eht iasmge era rmfo eth a.nbir hEerti he sha gdaame ot catnralltoear irccolta ersaa ihhcw prnsrteee heest ucstruster ro ccslaiiicpotns-arroloptconi rvnee g.emada

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nrmseoySd edscua by IC :mgdeaa uerP ormot ,imereasihsp uPer osyesnr otsr,ke paihlemgii-,Axeta DrauitCsasrymhy-l dhna

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burak  brt-naoiprocb*ccturcsoliliao +

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submitted by โˆ—sahusema(174)
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tPestain hitw an ineanltr apclues ksoetr mcloymno vhae rpeu tmroo esenaswk afgfcietn het rlartaanolcet ,mar ge,l nad olrew fec.a laaarttCnolre spsityiatc or anrcdiees teon tihw yeelxrheripaf aer oasl tnre.spe

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