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NBME Answers

free120/Block 1/Question#22 (reveal difficulty score)
A 35-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Separation of endothelial junctions ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—bwdc(675),
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edntlioEalh itgth usjnโ€™notic tiyrbelmeiap si eardsinec in sepnrose to jrniuy nda moilnfatman,i onllgwai ntrmaiiog of tehiw lobdo eslcl dna eirsnfd ot het iset of i.uyrjn

jesusisking  anhkT uyo! +1  
focus  Uhg I wsa twonrh off yb rutdopisi"n fo vulraasc meeansbt meeamrbn"s inesc ti deeems siarmil to eth etrrcco wasner btu I cna ese how orn"ai"asetp ulwod eb a rnm,loa edcxtepe nrpossee of the doyb ttha si neddee vs. o"ut"sdpniir udwol eb tamcurait dan .rabnalmo.. alsepe oetcrcr em if I am ognr!w +2  
blah  foc@us nienrgosa odnsus rtgi.h I naerly pdekci htat tbu eht rohte hoeicc dudeons rt.tebe Jtsu stimsa.ecn +4  
aakb  mu jsut to fyircal I o'tnd hinkt eth gniedanitrftife artocf si eht wdigrno of aroasipnet vs .tuitunb osridp etrarh htta eht crtroec arnsew is retapnisoa of INLEOELTHAD usnoincjt nnimega htat the ssecpa nwteebe eht ioellahtden cslle teg eiwrd. vs eth ewasnr yuroe khnitgin fo asys eht tispounrdi fo the lvcsuraa STMBAEEN EMMNRAEB (hwhic is ndeur het dhniealtelo esllc) gste ddurestip. os einmagn etgsmoinh tlyilrale kobren gutrohh the dbolo sevlse dna dmea a uct in hte rlyea nateheb het iltnlaheoed cesll tath neil the lbood seelvs r .D ttaarS mfor poamath usllayu wadsr a antebsem amernmbe nad a erlya of tnihelaloed sclle gsntiit no tpo +6  

submitted by โˆ—dixie96(3),
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AF pg 312 2901( )invesro sysa umtro KAA slnelwgi is ued ot lietedolhan nroNtcPTnSIaI/oUODicRt so i inth shti is tahw yteh reew tnggeit ta

submitted by โˆ—kms123(2),
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cna menooes eplxnia wyh sti' tno eoangiadltnur fo osep?niiolhs

fhegedus  onpissilEoh (FA 2200 epga 048) aer lovdevin ni etyp I hiinpvyiyserttse noisaectr aha,m(ts ,glrlyae sahyipxln,)ala trspciiaa etcinfoisn nda oerth sth.oioelpga Tyhe era otn dvneoliv in eaedm rotfonmia. I epoh this !shple ): +  
fhegedus  l,sAo eht tpnatei ni eth oiquestn tog a oerciantla, hhicw rpblayob led ot a lacrebait eino;fintc os shripotunle wdlou eb menda,pnotir tno isiloseh.npo +  

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