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NBME Answers

free120/Block 1/Question#22 (reveal difficulty score)
A 35-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Separation of endothelial junctions ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1206),
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Well httas a rlaley duecr way to erncse rof ps.dnio.ree.s

submitted by โˆ—bwdc(688),
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diEhnoatlel titgh itonsnjucโ€™ aermytibpile is aserniedc in osnesrpe ot nujiyr dna iatnmomlfa,ni lalowngi rigmaotin of ihwet dolob slcel adn nreisdf to hte eits fo nur.ijy

jesusisking  Thkna oy!u +1  
focus  gUh I was rhwtno off yb oiudpisn"rt of uasalcrv besteanm snameebm"r insce ti seedme iasrilm ot het rctecor wraens but I nac ese how a"eptsrano"i uoldw be a on,raml dxceetep snrepseo fo hte dboy hatt is ededne vs. sinout"r"idp oudlw eb urcittaam dan anolm..a.rb asepel ccertro me if I ma n!wgor +2  
blah  sofc@u nnrasgioe oudssn htgr.i I ealrny dekicp ttah btu eth trheo oihecc ndoedsu e.terbt tusJ aientsmc.s +4  
aakb  um utjs to ilfyarc I tnd'o ntikh eth afdrifnenitegit orfcat is eth nwiogdr of raeationsp vs utbto p.diiunrs aterrh that the tocrrce wrenas si atsnapoire fo ENADLTIHEOL iustojnnc migenna atht eth pceass enebwet teh teeollhdnai clels tge wider. v s the anwrse uoyer nntkigih fo says het dsioinprut fo eth lsaucrav MASBENET RMBNAEEM hh(ciw si rndue hte olehaeintdl e)lslc egst sui.dtdepr os niangme imhonsget illayetrl krenob oruhght eth obodl seselv adn adme a utc in teh lyera nteeabh eht nltoieaehdl eclsl hatt lein eht lobod veessl .Dr tSrata rmof hmpotaa aysuull srawd a anmeesbt ernabemm dan a alrey of tdhlaneoeil ellcs initgst no top +6  

submitted by โˆ—dixie96(3),
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FA gp 123 290(1 oneirsv) yssa ourtm KAA ligwseln is deu to lnlhteeadoi nio/NcrDTUaPonSRtItOIc so i tnih htis si awht they weer tetngig ta

submitted by โˆ—kms123(2),
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cna onemoes paxleni wyh s'it ton idetgorlnunaa of nssoiielpoh?

fhegedus  hsniolspoEi FA( 2002 page 40)8 aer vnevloid in ytpe I ssrptnythiiyieve raitoscen saam,t(h lygarel, x)lpyihaslana, asiprtaci efonictsin nda rehto otapgh.loeis Tyhe rea otn iveldnov ni eedma oamrnofit. I hepo itsh hps!el ): +  
fhegedus  ,lAso the tintaep in hte tiqseuon otg a tnroealc,ia wichh yoabrblp lde ot a cebrtiaal ;oncnftiie os utilnrohpes dwlou be ortpem,nadin otn .posisenhlio +  

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