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A 4-year-old boy from Brazil is brought to ...
Apoptosis 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by benwhite_dotcom(622),
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Ecidmen ttrukBi hymoapml acn hnpape ni ilraBz as ellw as afrcAi awj( eons,li upfyf The ropcmgiohraopht si rodtanetsnmig lintbgie yodb ermachgsapo, a etpy fo hgcoerpaam gniiontcna ymna yidzpo,thcgae tcpptoioa eclls in voirusa teasst of aagnrddit.oe

weenathon  For anyone else who was wondering why a cancer was undergoing apoptosis (classically we think of cancer EVADING apoptosis), apparently it's due to the myc mutation classic in Burkitt Lymphoma. While myc causes the cell to proliferate, it also induces apoptosis - hence the tingible bodies containing apoptotic cells. ( +2  
itsalwayslupus  Also just for people who watch boards and beyond or pathoma (I don't remember which exactly it is from), the "stars" in the "starry night" appearance of Burkitt's (what is being shown here) are lighter because the the cells are dying/gone via apoptosis (supposed to be the "holes" in the "night sky" lol). +5  
jbrito718  composed of intermediate-sized lymphoid cells with a “starry sky” appearance due to numerous reactive tingible-body macrophages (phagocytosis of apoptotic tumor cells). There is a characteristic t(8;14) translocation juxtaposing MYC to the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus in most cases. +1  

submitted by yousif7000(9),
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I oetsyhnl gedrifu iths uot yb oincnigt owh teh psseca are lal fdcnnioe adn ni ld-emaewatclder osbrred ichhw ear uafsteer of ospositap

submitted by nwinkelmann(334),
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nI eacs nnoeya is rsuciuo oabtu eht other tmre:s I nthki piatsopso nda coitreospns ear lfrayi bieznro,lagec ubt I ahd no ulce hwta ti,sssymop t,ssioos and nicosso eerw. omSpisyts = hmciecsi ellc hd.tae ossstiO = onbe ntiformao !(duh wyh ddn'it I ermeemrb ,ahtt l)ol. sOnsico = iectio.mana

amc  correction Oncosis= ischemic cell death Symptosis= emaciation +3  
srmtn  oncosis (derived from ónkos, meaning swelling) was proposed in 1910 by von Reckling-hausen precisely to mean cell death with swelling ostosis: formation of bone symptosis: a gradual wasting away of the body or of any organ or part of the body. +1  

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