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NBME Free 120 Answers

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submitted by โˆ—bwdc(697)
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zpatel  Cardiac temponade. +2
melchior  Hypotension and jugular venous distension are two components of Beck's triad, which is associated with acute cardiac tamponade. The third component is muffled heart sounds, which is not addressed in this question. +3
athenathefirst  Why pulse is increased and BP increased? +

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submitted by โˆ—meryen13(47)
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he ahs hniorcc ykenid -g&td-;z celu ofr ;utaerg&mi-- he has lwo lrcielctae ivatcity os sti ioinptng to driacca mdpaetano ude to .iuarem i%ii%bnc.hcn6%pgd2o)t/0cbip21ei0#s:ztgihneu%aT2tdv0%edsial%a02opuf.e.a9oamae/0xltl,./ars/2hm0o3ec0a:ilruct%r6t9:orc00n%ad222fymr2pxe=~en.

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