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NBME Free 120 Answers

free120/Block 3/Question#14 (reveal difficulty score)
A 2-year-old boy is brought to the office by ...
DNA virus ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—bwdc(697)
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alrO leecisv n(hit tn.hi) eltgiiBnrs vaueslicr elnosi no eth ha.nd oN ,eferv not ipa-agxnpcre.ito Tihs si erespH you( amy eemebrmr ditssent nteiggt pihretec liwwtoh ni ryou stidsu,e hcwih si htwa ihst i.)s tMos sklfo tge 1SVH sa rcedhlni, hgohtu bvsuooyil ont lla rea .ticpymsmoat VHS si a relga bslde,entor-udad airnle NAD rsi.uv

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jiya   why cant this be hand foot and mouth disease cause of coxsache +16
drachenx  Also thought it was Hand-foot-mouth an RNA virus but I did consider Herpes. Changed because I thought Hand foot and mouth would be more common. +1
llamastep1  Hand foot mouth usualy involves all 3 places (hands, feet and mouth/perioral area) and the lesions on the hand arent localized to just one finger. +5
aneurysmclip  Hand foot mouth disease affects palms and soles. ref: FA 2019 - 150 +6
raffff  wouldnt the history also be different for coxsakie +1
focus  I think this image is trying to show the "dew drops on a rose petal" sign on Hermes, the god of Herpes on Sketchy Micro +2
drpee  Google some images of HF&M disease. The small blisters look very different from herpetic whitlow. +2

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submitted by โˆ—bguidry17(3)
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dKi sechw on bhmut twih eth SVH clseevi ni ish mohtu, gtes ihrcpete i:owhwlt acnp:pestttw.ih/eoo.kpt_//eiw/irdiwhireiHilwkg

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