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NBME Answers

free120/Block 3/Question#14 (reveal difficulty score)
A 2-year-old boy is brought to the office by ...
DNA virus πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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sugaplum on It is a polymorphism
benwhite_dotcom on Elaboration of proteases and urease with ...
benwhite_dotcom on Aspiration
benwhite_dotcom on Hypercoagulability from advanced malignancy
imnotarobotbut on von Willebrand disease
benwhite_dotcom on Amygdala
benwhite_dotcom on Ribosomal assembly
benwhite_dotcom on Trinucleotide repeat expansion
benwhite_dotcom on Basement membrane

submitted by βˆ—benwhite_dotcom(654),
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jiya   why cant this be hand foot and mouth disease cause of coxsache +15  
drachenx  Also thought it was Hand-foot-mouth an RNA virus but I did consider Herpes. Changed because I thought Hand foot and mouth would be more common. +1  
llamastep1  Hand foot mouth usualy involves all 3 places (hands, feet and mouth/perioral area) and the lesions on the hand arent localized to just one finger. +5  
aneurysmclip  Hand foot mouth disease affects palms and soles. ref: FA 2019 - 150 +6  
raffff  wouldnt the history also be different for coxsakie +1  
focus  I think this image is trying to show the "dew drops on a rose petal" sign on Hermes, the god of Herpes on Sketchy Micro +2  
drpee  Google some images of HF&M disease. The small blisters look very different from herpetic whitlow. +2  
drdoom  ^ ... some images of HF&M disease ... +2  

submitted by βˆ—bguidry17(2),
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idK sehcw no hmtub hiwt het SVH eecvsil ni shi um,hto tegs iepctreh lwiwt:oh tie:.wwwHretslatoi/dkicne/o.wppegihpiith//i_kr

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