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A 6-year-old girl is admitted to the hospital ...

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submitted by itsalwayslupus(37),
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submitted by amy(1),
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ilikedmyfirstusername  I guess that could potentially manifest as an even worse phenotype in SCID? +  
thekneesofbees  Its because SOD forms H2O2, but H2O2 is broken down by catalase. Since Staph Aureus is catalase positive, it wouldn't be killed by it anyway. +6  
minion7  @thekneesofbees ,,,,, so if patient has SOD DEFICIENCY, he cant generate H202,, so he is much more susceptible to get killed by organism?? +  
topgunber  The first thing to keep straight: reactions in WBCs are meant to increase R.O.S. while reactions in other cells are to get rid of R.O.S. superoxide is much stronger than h2o2 (and is what we're testing with the respiratory burst test for CGD-NADPH Oxidase deficiency). Side note: SOD deficiency would manifest as lou gehrig's disease (ALS) because superoxide is so toxic it damages the cells themselves.After SOD works on O, it makes H2O2. Myeloperoxidase takes H2O2 and turns it into bleach (HOCl-). The question is implying that BOTH candida and staph cannot be killed by this patient. They are both catalase positive- this means that if the patient can't turn H2O2 into the stronger HOCl- then the catalase positive organisms can just turn h2o2 into water and oxygen. hope that makes sense. +2  

submitted by mdmofongo(0),
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ireeepMsyxldooa si het nloy noe alcayult ednlvvoi ni kamgin feer adricls.a alCatesa sakme 22OH nito wtr,ae deeoSxpiur saitdsmeu seeiinmtla enygxo iasacr,ld LHD ekmas ctaeatl o(n erlo in taeiralbc gnii,)lkl and ON yssn,haet eakms .NO

b1ackcoffee  I thought SOD also comes (second) after pathway (making h2o2) to make HO—Cl +  
mdmofongo  Now that I took a look at the pathway again you are right. Knowing this I’d say that free radicals of O2 still have a chance to cause some damage, as where Hydrogen peroxide just serves as a intermediate for free radical formation. Thus SOD deficiency leaves some bactericidal action but MPO leaves none? +1  

submitted by stunna216(0),
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ywh is rhte feeyapihxrlr adn a iabinksb igsn amninge tath eehrt si an UNM osl?eni

csalib2  heads up, i think you’re in the wrong question thread +