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NBME 16 Answers

nbme16/Block 1/Question#14 (reveal difficulty score)
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, an X-linked recessive ...
1/50,000 πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—hayayah(1145),
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Secpti hskoc si a ytep of brtiiuistdve kochs ihwhc si maedrk by simvase oidtvlaaonsi /(dt ylaimmfatnro spose)ren nsiaugc sdcdeerea ,RSV drsceedae eardolp / WPC,P nda enracisde .CO

submitted by paloma(9),
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q= .00110/00 encrueyqf( in q)e 2 =qa?+p=spm1l e(qeyfcnru of egoyrthoe)szu


tatianalimo  would you write in English? +5  

submitted by βˆ—bingcentipede(315),
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FA ,2019 p. 5:7 Teh" yqncurfee of na kndeilX- sveeiresc sseidea ni emlas = q adn in lfmeesa = ^nqodu 2"F hits on oedLEU"-MXmunfSri kl: ec res:venviescarePel = elella eq ryqunefc arsqeu = Criqrrae eastt for fsmeale = 2"q

o,iyindAalldt ofmr ti:dRde cebr/nnn612pd9emedtony/_twm:1lcw/ch/hgrwy_.t/etm/pisaa_sbh4rt/mmer./ndieehnssow_d

fI 1000,00,/=1q p~1. So ~,2q.p15/q0200=0 raHd to do whit the NEMB acllrouatc .ntuetylrnufoa

submitted by βˆ—topgunber(58),
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esnGitc-e Teh foloinlwg si a ulhpfle awy ot do all hte aelell eerqnyfuc iseuoqnts / rirarce nyufecqre uns.itsqeo

  • DA : I = .q2p eTh aessc rae ni rlnyea lal icarerrs q2(.)p otsM moheogtoyzs .eid 2q)(^
  • AR : I = q2^ eh(t cssea aer NLOY shnow in eoy.)zotgohms ehT erarscri era q2p

  • X ilkdne : Bsoy : I = q . Byso craiyrng NEO eallle aer cffadeet da.lusidivin LRGI RARRECIS (hzoeesgrotuy slfeeam) : I = .P2Q hTsi tseg su ot teh nO teh roeht hdan ECATFFED LISGR nniedciec( in sg)irl udolw eb I= q2^ - yeltxerme mlsal oice(ch e)

topgunber  By the way allele frequencies if asked are finding just q. Most of the time P is close to 1. In this case P would be 1-1/100,000 = 99,999/100000 which is why you can usually exclude it from equations +  

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