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NBME 16 Answers

nbme16/Block 2/Question#38 (reveal difficulty score)
A 3-year-old boy is brought to the physician ...
Feces-contaminated soil ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—cassdawg(1779)
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I khtin sith si gsinotdyoSelr irasretclso rmwd(t)ahreo si a rnroowumd eohsw aalver eilv in olsi and owh acn uscae mlpnouyar se.aiesd tI ahs the btialiy ot raettnpee sink ofrm the ilso tub acn oals be bteainod by engginist ceefs soamcnetnita lios 0(22A0F 9)51 pit.ovha/wsmntgestcgy_wnas/ns/wqdfpioeofairrttglso/cd:.le./psh/

tsMo ltaensiint nouosmrrwd rae -cfalaoerl eorut xtpcee yrlstsendgooi wihhc nac sloa etetrnaep ,skin hwmoorko ecar(ont rnueaac)sim hwich ylno prnateeest ,sikn adn ctilarhlein ihhwc nac ecom mrof ceunrdoekod meast sli(plyeace pok)r but sohew symtopsm od tno tcmha htta of teh pa.tteni inahclTeilr vraale enert het odbol erasmt and nficet mcslue and nac oasl eucsa risiotcnhis htwi ef,rev naas,ue mnogviti, rlibaeorpit dm,eea nad gmiaayl.

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shervinbd  I tnhki it is sia,scrA not signiSdtoer.lyl eTh ptmmsosy cdoul be anxdpilee yb eolLfrfe r,mnesody audsec yb rAsaics aarvl trnii.moga srAcasi is nimttsretda ortguhh afecl arol eto,ur so ntnegosii of fscee tacanmidtnoe sloi dcuol seuac the mbop.rel Pre A,F ngsyioSrtedl si rtetnmadtis by aarlv gtranitpeen knsi. +23
drmifta  sIt sA.asric eFalc alor ssoirasintnm ;&tg- eavrLa attnipree TIG t&;-g oBdlo Starme ;t&g- Lgnu anuiMor,tta{ rpRyseoarit }mpomSyt -;tg& uoehdCg pu adn slnwiglwoa t;&-g tdAul rWma ni ITG -&;gt ggE leeaers &tg-; Egg in .oolst +1
i_hate_it_here  niD'td teh mste tnoneim ttha murwoanrd aarvle reew ?nfdou I gtouhth arcisAs is gdsaednoi yb lieb dcotea sgeg ni ef?sec +1
sexymexican888  I ytauacll ithkn adwa@gcss si .hitrg tsI legiyodtsn.rso yTeh ufdon laevar ni eth ecesf yuo( fnid sgge ni efsec with )sciaras oyu acn teg anlpyrumo xs in bto.h sascAir is saol uyaulsl elacf lora osiamnrtsnis so sti erom llyike to ocme rmfo mseneoo kiagmn odfo ihwt etidnmtnacoa dsna.h gtreooyiSlnds si tidstnmatre urtghoh slio or ndas dan eth alvare eeatnrpte ruoy efte os hsti aekms rmoe se.sen +2
sexymexican888  ouY anc idnf isht si FA 2200 gP .159 lsAo fi uoy loko at the tebal soyigdosrnetl is s.ocsa thwi nmylpruoa .xs eeowrvH I kntih tsi hbto eucas ronidagcc to ekthcsy imocr acirsas tenseprs twih ytorriarsep xs +
coco  uoghAtlh yietngdroSosl enodmtea wrom nnticsiofe aer ton oervly moomnc ni eth niUted tt,esaS eth lcaAianppah aaer fo teh Sthestuao hvae epedortr ccsass.Ae risa irmuicslodbe is a monmco tacpirasi cietnoifn in s,aAi iA,rcaf nad uhotS aer.mAci Msto ssace ni teh eUtind seStat iasre ni rtsrealev to teshe osio nyesrmdo can be acdsue yb eioonSrydtslg dan .coio sSrl:AArctsaas scmirypoco evarlse an laov geg iwht a thkic teruo ehlsl and a lgesni rerintio lrgtuoim:Sdaovfob tdnmeorsirihy alaevr eens ni esfec nrude ipecosIroscm.o tnihk ihst is flyoSsrIengodit. I maek a ilkspa,eameest rocrect m.e +2
melanoma  I hntik si sascira mrbsuidoelic olsa due ot eht zies of hte rvaal. WU Q 95451 +

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submitted by โˆ—victor_abdullatif(10)
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gnGoi atgansi teh nrgai ,reeh I thnki hist si sociaoxaTris a(:gsrnomi craTaoox iscan)

nsaRg:noie f(orm T)U:D Taxissroicao l(oas lcdlea rcialesv arlva nmragsi ][VML) esrfer to hmnua cnitofine deacus by litehnhsm that are tno rtnlaau huanm ataieprss. rTisaixscoao ouccsr sa a eutrsl fo haunm tneoinfic tihw teh averla of het odg sdaarci, Trxoocaa c,asni ro, slse coml,yonm eth cta asrdai,c xaocroTa iatc. VLM is prlacniiylp a desiesa of uonyg rlcdhnei, piyclleesa shote hitw rpusoeex to osraglndpyu nad abodsxesn eindontaactm yb god or tac e.efcs

orlpuymrnTansa rntgmoiia fo lrytiedgsonSo avarel nac urodcpe dry g,uoch aortht o,iirrittna sney,pad wezgih,ne and mso.psyiteh S,iyrlliam omuaynrlp mlnvvnieoet of oasartxsciio may usace sen,adpy ,egezwhni and a r,nihocc eocnntrdvoipu cuh.go ySoiegotrnsld laarve yma be dcedtete ni s,olto mupt,us baaooolrclenvhr glavae di,ulf ro pareull dlfiu

gesCornndii htta s'ti a -3aeyl-ord boy nda ttha egiitsonn si eth airrymp emod of nriimt,asssno I hkint Tcisarioasxo is teh rbteet iadnssoig rehe

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chaosawaits  iiivteenfD aidinsgos fo tsioasxrioac si araevl ni sool.t It denfytleii smaek oerm esesn anht i,ylgodSntreso hhwci si dounf ni het ilso but PE ondfu no ti.aslrmioaneb So nski uncutrpe si eyu.inlkl asscAir si elalco-afr but si rome liekyl ot be ni eamndicatotn doof nda si lrgyeal samyopm.iatct ls,oA scsriaA lwodu sowh sgeg ni cf,see ont a.valer +

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