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NBME 16 Answers

nbme16/Block 1/Question#2 (reveal difficulty score)
A 66-year-old man has a surgical excision of ...
Kidney ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—cassdawg(1778)
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iTsh is ctsieamatt aenlr lecl cranaomic 2A020F( p60)5 rfo het loogwnifl nreo:sas

  • Pyehoaimtycl - ihst si hte ayprrim cel,u sa ti si saceisaodt tiwh tccopei PEO ino(erpth)otriy seneircto in ppinarloseaatc nsesyrmod 0A022(F )282p, hicwh can be usedac by phyccoommrhae,oto rlnea ellc ,iamcaocrn ulotcralleeph cr,maconai tnmaaglsboioemah nad me.iomloya Of et,seh ylno levri dna ykndei dowlu eb a hcceio eginv dan aelcllrptahuoe naoricamc si rctcniroe bceaeus he idd otn hvea ayn iestsodaac gndifni of jduiance, mtgay,aelophe saictes, ro oreaanix 02A02(F 3p29). ls,uP teh elirv dsoe tno lcmnooym zaitsmetaes ot ribna shraewe kdeiyn deso 2A002F( p322)
  • caHilaremepyc - siht si kleiyl adineviict of PrHTP setoinec,r nad nrale llce nocacmari si noe of eht senaccr ttah nca od tshi. ,eeHrvow tsih si alfyri sncpicneifo as trehe aer mnya nesrcca taht acn receset .PrHPT
  • ertaaaimHu - esseutgvgi fo yeykarirn/dniu rtatc vmeotlniven
  • geavitNe for cnecrbomocnyraii ngaeitn - htsi is a nopiccnfsei kmarre aiylnm rfo loonc dna ccntreapia ecsacnr 02(2FA0 p2)26
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hungrybox  WOW. Amazing explanation. Great work!! +
nbmeanswersownersucks  Additionally the histo looks like the Clear cell type of RCC. The large white/clear spaces with "chicken-wire" vessels and stroma between them. +11
hecticsurreyguy  Any idea as to how the " positive epithelial membrane antigen" fits into it being renal cell carcinoma? Also to add to the reasons for it being Kidney, the image that they provide is a classic example of renal cell carcinoma cells. Take note of how the cells look to almost be vacuolated or completely clear of any cytosolic material apart from the nucleus. This the classic presentation for renal "clear cell" carcinoma. +

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