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NBME 16 Answers

nbme16/Block 1/Question#37 (5.3 difficulty score)
A male newborn delivered at 28 weeks' ...
Decreased numbers of lamellar bodiesπŸ”

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submitted by cassdawg(957),

Type II pneumocytes secrete surfactant from lamellar bodies (FA2020 p661)

Premature infants are at risk for neonatal respiratory distress syndrome due to inadequate production of surfactant.

submitted by meryen13(13),

am i the only one who forgot what was lamellar bodies? :D lamellar bodies (otherwise known as lamellar granules, membrane-coating granules (MCGs), keratinosomes or Odland bodies) are secretory organelles found in type II alveolar cells in the lungs, and in keratinocytes in the skin