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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#6 (reveal difficulty score)
A 17-year-old boy is brought to the physician ...
"Tell me more about your concerns about your son's height." 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by azibird(227),
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aWht si inogg on hree? ehT methro si tno eht aetip,tn why aer ew pniloexrg ihst hufrtre ewnh eht son is ctemellyop nl?roam I gte it htta we dlwuo say shti fi eht netapti rwee nrc,cndeeo tbu ehs' ont dna sh'e naolrm os hwy 'odtn we juts letl ehr thta ghryvnitee si lr?oamn lxorEginp frethur will rboplyab akme the teitnpa lfee w.soer

drdoom  Another way to read the stem is like this: “Assume you will make a statement that assures mom that boy is fine. What other statement do you want to make?” Since we’re *already* assuring mom, the best next thing is to ask an open-ended question. There’s a reason for this. As a physician, you really don’t want to say more than what you are (1) sure of or (2) obliged to. “Accept him as he is” = judgy. “He’s not going to get any taller” = you don’t know this for sure. +5  
cbreland  I had it down between the correct answer and "your son is average". Picked the wrong one. As stated by @drdoom, the stem says you have already reassured that everything is fine. It would be a good time to get extra info from mom instead of say the same thing over again. Really the question gave us the answer (I still picked wrong, but we'll do better on test day!) +2  

submitted by drdoom(1113),
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gnpnRoseid ot szd’br@iai netommc:

tAnreoh ywa to erad hte estm is elki th:si “smeuAs uyo lwil maek a steetamtn hatt sasseru omm atht oyb si ei.fn hatW rheto estmnttea do uyo want to ”ekm?a

nSice ’erwe y*aalde*r usrniags ,omm teh bset txen nihtg si ot sak an ndeeonepd- nioeq.ust reThes’ a oearsn ofr h.its As a iy,nahpics ouy ellray ’dnto tnwa ot sya oerm hnta htwa you ear (1) eusr of or ()2 bdoglie to.

pectA“c imh as he i”s = judyg.

sHe’“ not gogni to get nay lear”tl = ouy not’d okwn stih fro

submitted by amandlima12(1),
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alaswy sak eth eptaitn lt"el me r"ome ts’aht slyuula yawasl hte nsaewr ot agdiedsnrs tenitaps enn.ocsrc

submitted by agraham416(3),
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I eiatenlimd siht anrwes bcusaee the reohtm ayldare satdet hre snre,oncc hcihw saw that she' hoerrst atnh eth tahsref' ehgthi dna butao mih not gnhavi a wohrgt s.uptr Is thta ont a cn?nocer

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