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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 1/Question#24 (13.8 difficulty score)
62 yo woman with sudden weakness of left leg; ...
Right anterior cerebral arteryπŸ”

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submitted by ajguard26(39),
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issamd1221  contralateral deficits +  
cbay0509  thank you +  
flapjacks  I think her 60 pack-year history suggests possible PAD and therefore loss of proprioception in the lower extremities, leading to an unfortunate distractor +  
an_improved_me  I don't understand why you would consider the propioceptive deficit a distractor... doesn't the DCML (which carries propioceptive information) project to the primary somatosensory cortex (via the VPL?). In this case, a lesion to the right anterior cerebral artery, which supplies both motor and sensory information to the lower limb would lead to somatosensory, propioceptive, and motor deficits. +