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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#1 (reveal difficulty score)
A 17-year-old girl comes to the emergency ...
Speak with the patient and her parents about the findings ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—mcl(668),
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Wnhe gorkiwn no ib/daasec edrois,dsr it selph to loko tscylmiaetlsay at eth ooln:gwlif 1)( Hp which( ylsad swa ton venig in htsi mope,brl) )2( igrufe uto icwhh epbrmlo si iyrmrap yb oklnigo at PaO2C nda ibc,bra dan 3() loko fro nya mnpsanoiecot h(chwi hte toqusine 'dtonse ask but t)lli.s

eHr,e we see ttha the 2CO is ihhg on hte BAG. sihT mnsae taht ntatiep is hpvgiattnlyonie cnise veesll fo OC2 ear vnoitaentil epdnentde, adn alos thta netpiat ahs rretypoisra iacdosis. osA,l cibarb si ,low chhiw lesipmi taht its' nbgei okae"sd pu" yb tmeiclaob cdssioai.

submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1206),
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"ihaysncips hdslou yaslaw aucenergo thheayl rugdmorn-aaiin notci"acmuomn.i

sAlo oru'ey gniog to do mose riuoess shitng ot ucre tsih sg'ril seasid,e giendla up to n.autoatpmi uYo tnac dehi atht mfro .rhe

djjix  nNo essen ... uoy anc dhei the umaptitoan rfom rhe +22  
charcot_bouchard  uJst ohws reh neo lge cw.eit +8  
pg32  I cdkpie u"eteqsr thta an ."to.lcn.oogsi ebscuae I furideg it uwldo be etbret ot heav eeomson thiw more eokndwelg of txen stpse adn ngossrpio cdusiss eth ssdaeie twhi het mafily sa acrdpeom ot eomones inogkrw ni eth DE... why si that wrn?go +7  
ibestalkinyo  @p:g23 eefrrigRn ot reatnho shcnyapii is tsloma evenr na reansw rfo UBEMNS/LEM sosunq.ite sPu,l I eefl ikle hsit olwud eb ndiigh het stet'anip orpmelb mfro reh dna het 'isetnapt +8  
dunkdum  I ihknt eth nsoera ttha uyo quernetgis hte nigoscloto snti eth tmos ctercro asnrew eher is enve fi eomr etsts dndeee to eb o.edn.. ouy wloud ilslt suscdis htiw yuor titenap uobta taht cfta dan yas yeH" tsehe susretl cmea bkca egitsuggns ttah ouy imgth heav hist ,iadsese we lliw eend to od reom sgntite ot kaem uers we anc get ti atnek acre of if ouy in fcat veha isht aidees"s. adn 'yduo lrbabypo do taht fboere yuo go adn gte hte .nsoiclogto +6  
peteandplop  2g@p3 I swa kdin fo tihw yo,u tub I etnw tiwh the recrotc eanrws esuceba it ysas GNRTSLYO vesi.esggut If eory'u giigvn me a olepwrfu owdr ot allrye ephezsami tsih si seoomaoar,cst t'reseh on ende to ldeay pssinag tath ofimaortnin ot epaitnt, dan ni hsit ecsa of a mni,ro hre anp.ters +4  

submitted by โˆ—epiglotitties(29),
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hsiT t'sni hte aecsniro ni itsh oq,iuntse btu I asw nendwrgoi hawt uolwd ppnahe fi uoy adh ldot eth sntaepr het isdinagso and htye td'nid nawt rehit chlid to n?wok

submitted by โˆ—stepwarrior(29),
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Yuo dlhosu dnfi otu rtheweh or ont ehs ntaws rhe atnpser ot wokn isrtf

misterdoctor69  e'Ssh a oimrn h.thogu +2  

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