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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#10 (34.5 difficulty score)
A 70-year-old woman is transferred to a ...
Activity level before the fractureπŸ”

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submitted by monoloco(132),
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sympathetikey  Yeah, I was thinking about that while taking the exam. Just got thrown off because I don't see how that matters, now that they've fractured the femur. How do prior increases in bone density allow for better chances of bone healing? +13  
rsp  I think that bone density is important here, but think about all of the other things that go in to recovering from a fracture at that age too. How strong are the muscle that will stabilize you while going through the motions of physical therapy? How conditioned are you? +2  

submitted by sherry(28),
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kard  I solve it like this: So age is 70 (already, nothing we can do to change it), is asking about a predictor of success in the Rehab process (So basically, what this patient did in matter of activity, life style, etc. to have a Good rehab process). So From all the answers the, Activity level is the most likely choice because of the, increase in Bone density(Specially Weigh bearing) and OsteoBlastic activity. +6  
misterdoctor69  But bu that logic: just like you can't do anything about age, you also can't do anything about activity level BEFORE the fracture right...? +3  

submitted by coconut(3),

NCBI Resource : "Successful interventions concern patients able to walk with or without help before the fracture. Pre-fracture motor and not cognitive level is the most important predictive factor for motor recovery."

submitted by stepwarrior(20),

I don't think you're going to find any evidence for this one. It's just the test-writers' opinion