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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#13 (reveal difficulty score)
A 25-year-old man develops shortness of ...
Decreased alveolar Po2 ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—alexb(53)
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cxiopHy nauolpmyr nnitasorisotccov H,V)(P asol wnonk sa eth LldieluaerjE-srtn scahe,mmni si a hypilsocaglio ohnnpoemen ni hciwh amsll npramyoul eetraris notcstcri in hte ecsnrepe of reloaalv xhaiypo low( nxegyo .seevll)

Wehil the itacnamneen fo nin/ftlaioouretvpiesn toari ngduri aonelrig iobctnrsuot fo awolrfi is ,icfleabien PHV nca eb limrnedetta rnigud aolbgl vaaolelr aohypix ciwhh ccuros tihw eoxesrup ot gihh tui,aeldt erwhe VPH cussea a cfngaiiitns escaerni in laott oruylpman vulcaars seiaescrt,n and apmyuroln ietlarar eursep,rs tleanptoily leiadgn to lyunaompr oytnnhpirese dan uomalrnyp


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lovebug  1092 F,A Pg 65.6 APH +1
drdoom  ^ rknbeo nlki +1
skonys  eL(emm wkno fi mI' ronwg nda udmb f)a Btu I ebeliev we veeoldv tshi si ttah eth bydo tnoeds' twna to fesuerp asrea that t'rna altnetveid w.lle eeshr' a pci lc/apms/ttld2aogcp0:oonoh/shpgvna0cmdadmtpnsis1/-n/tua-re-xonii.rcrjy//ppuotr-wki1.ot8y owh od uyo ehav ni a bra a?wrbl rD. naRy ro .Dr ?Strtaa +1
skonys  ti:sEd .ew.. vdeelov sith so atth +1

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submitted by โˆ—haliburton(225)
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AF 7201: ihrnCoc cyixhop ypruaolmn tononsiscicoravt tulsser in yarlmpnou rneypotiehns adn HVR.

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yotsubato  eaYh ubt ni a nrhocci ceas sith guy lwodu rcupoed emor BRC and not eb xpocyih rmn.oaye +27

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submitted by โˆ—abhishek021196(119)
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Hioycxp pnmuolray tcoisoiarcnnstvo ,PVH)( alos nkwon as hte tlEdejnLa-iersrlu m,eicnamsh si a goicisahypllo onnmpneohe ni whhci lmasl lupraymno aesrerti ctcroints in eth rsenpeec fo ralvloae oiyxhpa low( yeognx ve)lesl. By crinedgreti dolbo lfow morf dr-otytllaeveonip ungl goriens to eewitl-tevadlnl glnu ri,engso PHV si toghthu ot eb hte rarpiym samimcnhe yiudnergln utplotirnaseo/enfnivi mn12ah][it][.cg eTh opecrss igmht iiinlyalt eems nvirun,tiiteuocet sa lwo nyogxe slevle mgiht rleelthyicoat lamsutiet nedsaierc blood wolf ot the glnus ot acnreise ags naehexgc. w,vrHeoe teh rpoupse fo VPH si to btdistrieu dolfbloow aolniylger ot secriena het raelolv cicynfieef of sag aghnexec eewebtn air and olod.b lhWie het eticnmannae fo oounftaiinlreieptvsn/ iorat drgnui aeornlgi urbcttoonsi of ilrawof si aliibefec,n HPV can eb mrieltndeat rdginu aoglbl llravaeo apxhyoi ihchw ursocc wtih uerxosep ot hhgi iutaet,dl ewher HVP scueas a iistcfniang seeaincr in total yurnaplom vucarasl srtisac,een nad lorynumpa tiraarle r,sepuesr niyotlatlpe eldiang to nmrpuloya ynptroshenie nad ualypormn daem.e Sreeval focstra btinihi HPV dlniugcin aesnircde dciaacr tt,uoup paicnoahy,p itmo,rpehyah oicdksalsi,slai/aso sdneareci npromylau alursavc asrs,tnecei eadlnhi ,tancisehste macluci hcennal srb,eokcl isovpite eroirpe-yntaxd ssreepru (P,E)EP hcuneq-gfrhyei atvtiinloen VF,)H( nr,oeitlosopre ictnir do,eix nda saavitr.losod

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