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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#14 (reveal difficulty score)
A 21-year-old man is brought to the emergency ...
Streptococcus pneumoniae ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—powerfulgarbage(17)
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AF 20,20 epga 7:21

lnuseEadcatp tcrabeia aer poidszone nad ethn draeecl by een.spl elcAsipn atptinse have ereesadcd poisnngizo tliiyab nda na nrecidaes iksr rfo eevser .nstcifeoin

yheT need veicsanc ot eptcrot asitang eisiraeNs iitmsgeniind, toSceusrctopc ,nieaenPmou Hsoelmpauih fuanelinz

mmc:oenni N"o lenpeS ee"Hr

srsdelgear I tog this one nwogr suaeebc fo a /0505 seusg teweben retps dan .e .coil I suegs ethy awtend ouy ot zoregniec htta eh wsa at rski rfo .S naneipmou sepiss dan oeefhtrre eddnee ot be ctn,daeciav rwesahe eshter' ton mcuh uyo can do to ctretpo hmi fmro .E iloc hreto tnha shaw uryo dshan lol

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drdoom  ^ tvdeo tbes remsaenu +1
mambaforstep  ^^htwa es/heh FA 2109 pg 217 +1
meryen13  tsi otn e ocli ton cuaeesb yuo odltn'uc cetinvaac eht tp but ubaecse he asw ni an aecntdic nda eht cecnash fo inecnitof thiw .s nmueop si .rgiheh ape g 186 FA csn2:0 l2epi0 pt: nupms.oe tg&;;> H. nzinuflea tbg;& N nimiitnsegdi +1

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submitted by โˆ—aesalmon(95)
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pcmontelSey = moer esctplieubs to scdanultapee osmsngiar

I tpu .E olci sa tis septnecaldua tbu atth snwat' eht otms rhigt arsnwe I ?suesg

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pippylongstock  hiTs qneoitus is isangk tuaob eth Sโ€˜โ€™ of FA enimnMoc rof S. enuPioanm MSO.โ€Pโ€œ prSet upeonm is eht most mcnmoo seuca of sseisp in .tldsau +3
emmy2k21  MOSP nsatds fro tigmsiinne, sitoit, upi,maenno dan SSUIII.STN tI n'sdtoe satnd fro ssp.sei My sgseu as well is ihwch si roem" .e"crortc I'st batuo genib ealb ot ndtfieyi nltasedepuca asrosignm dan teh 'psneels oelr ni itnm.iuym aH I scheo E iocl as wl.le +7
et-tu-bromocriptine  1kmye22m is c,rertco eth S is orf s.iisntsiu I aws wetnbee iol.Ec apm&; rSetp ,mnuePo but tneh cedarlle eytkhcS iguntpt eht lcsiek no the daseltncua'e'p inkght ni the rtSep oPuenm v;dieo rtSep oPenmu si eomr sdiatasoec htwi nfgenctii skciel cell a"tninclofylu sl"cnipae asnep.itt +4
aneurysmclip  Yuo ldcou lsao alrelc ttah rebfeo tnpoekcyeisml( ihts is a megcerney eteoyspnc)ml ew uldow natw ot iveg na naceptsaedul nvcaeci eilk eth mpclcceonaou iv.nacce hits udpesh em swtdaor eprst roev lioce +2

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submitted by โˆ—drzed(332)
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speahrP sthi si an eocicrntr ayw of thgknini taobu ihts, utb I aasylw isactoeas het cverneuli fo pterS pemonu ot its lapcse,u utb I onyl oeasactsi eth K lacaurps angiten fo E. cloi ot minsitneig la(lcre taht E. ilco hsa eroht pficcsei ueeilrcnv cafstor keil rbiieafm rof UT)I.

So ibslacla,y I derfiug htta eth uplasec of teSrp pnouem is velvidon in rmeo isdesea resopcsse (MPSO) atnh hte leuspac fo .E lcio ymlots( ,mgtieinsin) and hsut I cohes

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b1ackcoffee  Yuo ear ,igtrh stih is IRCTNREOC a.wy eslCaup spehl in oteunmohseag rsadpe by gepoitcrnt mfro oypocasithsg gcnaisu sispe,s niemintisg, nmup,aeino ie.. mroe mteyciss eincnosft.i +1

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submitted by โˆ—kevin(52)
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,csinlepA nihtk iNSH Sr(pet onuep,m sHmeoapiluh, oD ont hrtebo itwh nya otrhe naecalpsdute aromgniss

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