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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#15 (reveal difficulty score)
A 35-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Increased vascular permeability ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—neonem(629)
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hTsi is a seac of tacue .toug udoooiMmsn aurte ssrtyacl aer ntkea up by ones,ithurlp nadielg ot an cauet rmafnoialmty iaoctern. ll-cTes art'en aellyr edvionlv in ugot (mroe deiahumotr srirhtia).t

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hungrybox  aGtre oixnaptnela! So rtrigantfsu htta I tgo ihts rnowg, uoldhs aehv been aes.y +4
temmy  het ayw i hutgoth tbuao ti swa woh did the sourhiletnp egt reteh? eth raswen si aiv sideracne savualcr rbimyilteape +18
nor16  ,ethy rtuaflto,nueyn ddi not ska " how ddi lpihounters teg ttbre" hue " hawst eht caesu fo het ilngwels "ot n to cofuesn iwth " tawh ecassu teh sllegwin " +2
divya  ubstaollye rithg .yemtm 'sthat woh i ghttohu oatbu ti +1

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submitted by โˆ—sweetmed(157)
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The emiocachtct taocfrs oecudrpd yb msenyotoc nad samt clsle dan teh oallc oaivanoistlatd meultaitss htiunrepcilo sithcmeoax. so,Al hliaetdnole slcle ovcnatitai ruetfhr gagtarevsa hte mtamoirfnyal pseoensr and onigitmar of p.hnlsoritue ihsT edals ot na ixflnu fo iuehnlports c.yaolll

rreenfce: hiopn./.ei2sC1.tmwc1/h5sbPal/tntl/.g/rwwcmin5vpM/c5:2

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bronchophony  Why not nmeemtlopc tcniat?iaov +3
joyceeepan  teh awy i hhuogt utbao ti wa:s yuo dnee stiebionda /)gIg(IGM ot atavctei teh mcolpnteme ste.msy uBt tehesr' no schu a gihtn sa na ug-ntaoti a.tiyndob n(ad it is not na niiftneoc rin)thee +3
an_improved_me  ahstT not ycaelxt rteu ofr a cuelpo I aws a lUorWd etouqins atth dasi oegmnsthi nlago hte lnsei fo an toiPpenAro bgein uesflu cb/ it nidsb het raetu sr,csaylt dan mksae it lsse klliey fro hte tcsslyar ot be pneizisecoidgoz/nrde by .ueilhorpstn erferTo,he bsA od aylp a rle.o y,oeclSnd uoy cna vhae ainoitcvat of tlcepmneo iav the vatlireetan pyhtaa,w hhciw sdeo not rreuqei s.AB +2

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submitted by โˆ—skip_lesions(17)
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'naCt shniaeimt lsoa ecasu glswlnei or is ti utjs tno onvevdli in hte hayoglotp fo ogtu?

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zevvyt Haeiitsmn cusase landvioioast nda redincaes vseles .rteiabemyilp utB ist' ont ovlivdne ni otu.G tGou si moer oabut uehNiptrslo and acMseoaprgh nvgtaiitac octhreaeh nad ton llaeyr boatu saMt l.lesc +5

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