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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#24 (reveal difficulty score)
A 23-year-old man drinks alcohol heavily on a ...
Fatty change ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—vonhippelindau(21)
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tsโ€™I etuca colloah nsctmopoinu os tyaft nceahg rome .yikell llluraCe ielnlwgs catiidnes olhlaocic itiaptseh wihhc uiqreers cohrinc alhoolc ucsonnmptio eS(e AF 0921 gp )3.85 At laets โ€™htsta the liocg I sdue ot pcik fatyt n.ecahg

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seagull  eesmS leik atytf cngaeh ludow iuerqre rome nhat 1 kweeed.n I hocoes wnllgsie eicns 'sti brsrveiele nad mssee kiel shtiognem wthi a qucki seto.n +51
nc1992  I itkhn ts'i jtus a bad .uintsqeo tI uodshl eb n"o en"eksdew +17
uslme123  LRd./hatpEVI1tV/5mTh.HepEhutwl4tLem/:Isu.LhMb.tade/ +27
uslme123  So his chttaeoesyp re'tna ngdiy ( lnlbao dieeenognrta ) vs sujt /diaseagrneaemdcd AF hsnitysse edu ot crdeniaes /NaDctHAetir +1
sympathetikey  g@uaells I ereg!a +
et-tu-bromocriptine  'tIs ton ni amopah,t tub I hvae it trnweti in so( he ro Dr. yanR aym aveh dotnimnee i)t - loAccolih shitaetpi is lgrlneaye nees ni igneb edkrsrni WIHT A OGLN THISYOR FO UITNNO.COSPM +1
linwanrun1357  oD OTN iktnh het aswrne of tish iouqsnet is Clglreh it. slwnlgei kema reom nees!s +1
fkstpashls  meos aoshels ni suenpedrss and a woetib fleyditeni ewrto iths ,q as veI' seen hotb ecuat niglwsle nda aftty hcgena be duse to sibedcer eno dposeie of idgrnkni. +15
msw  hotrs etmr iinosentg of sa ucmh as g8m0 of claoohl i(xs reesb) eovr one ot rlvease syad rnglyelea ocsredpu mild , revebsreli ipacteh sietosast . mfro bgi ronib t8h ideiton aepg 85.8 scaByaill ot dolvpee aihcclolo thpeiasti with lrlculae lewginsl tec ouy avhe to eahv sdenitaus olng tmre ogntsniie fo lachool elwhi isesoastt acn elvpoed hitw a lsinge ixs apc . phoe that eslph . ps i tog it ngowr oto . +3
msw  ixs pac8k +
mariame  fertA even deotmrea ianekt of ocloah,l ilipd pedlsort ucaumclaet in yepotcestah igarisnecn whti tunoam adn icchrytion fo llhooca eknia.t ..(.) Faytt eacngh is oelpeymclt rvireesbel fi eethr is nbisnaotet rmfo utrfehr nikaet fo hoolcal. ehT leiswgnl is sdceua by uamncuctoila of ,aft wrtea and o.pnetisr eTefeorrh tsih illw cuocr relt.a omrF big isnbRo 9ht 84p.g2 +
l0ud_minority  tsuJ ktngiinh obuat thsi Acloloh si a dilcroonaihMt pisnoo iwhch dlwou aedl ot srtses plgunucino of avoiedtix npiashlohrpyoot adn eculrlal .egnslwil I tgo ti owngr whit ttah ogcli uotghh hhicw is fst.itnuarrg +

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submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(464)
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As per A)1F tfaty anlftiniorit )2 rlcaleul olnlbiaogn )3 vuelneta ieorcsns

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hyperfukus  htaksn u sevda em meti in ilkoong taht up :) +
violethall11  esToh rae for onoaihcc-llon yaftt rievl saesde.i iniylteeDf gisnsmi omes oinf in eth uenqtiso tsm,e vheweo,r I leviebe thta teh wloeh intpo is ahtt eth ilnddvauii si NTO an alsuu oolclhcaih . +
mumenrider4ever  02A0F2 p.g 913 +

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submitted by โˆ—azibird(279)
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0F220A 27p

thEaoln tbleiammso ricnseesa HDAN/ A+ND aorti in rvil,e g:iucsan

eosoHsepโ€”iatstta Ineadcesr vrnsooicen fo DAHP ot --yerPoll3c;g A-lcyteCoa idergesv into ytatf cdai nty,ssiseh hhciw biscemno hiwt oycll--3egrP to znsetyheis irigseedrtylc

Ireneadcs A/HND+ADN toiar inthbiis CAT clecy -gt&; eclotCayA- duse ni oesgslieinp (t-g;& etitoap.ots)hases

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submitted by โˆ—sweetmed(157)
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tyatF anhCge ni vireL 2/2[ ghHi DAHN adem yb DHA nda lDdHA ;-&tg intibihs AF tion,iodxa idpiamre tplniepioor yeslmabs nda ons&tgitr-;cee FA]uccmsu

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submitted by โˆ—youssefa(162)
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oWdultn' etacu oclohal tnsionomcpu enve in rmodetae moutan suaec eelresbrvi ehtapci lalrucle ryijun tacezdrrichea yb alelcrlu bin?olanlog It hlosud eb eth itrhg nsreaw uessnl hte notsequi tmse amsen Wdnksee"e"

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hello  .No Teh odrre of ervli egadma edu to aoloclh :si fatty gseachn -&;-tg uclrllea llsigwne uc(laellr ga)olonnbi --;> soner.ics Tih s Q stem tsseta to the apneitt osecdunm glrea tumaon of alcoloh on a endkewe -- he ahs yutlaec darnk a ralge oumant of oaclloh no eon deweken &;--gt hsti epnroodscsr thwi tftya aegcnsh +3
et-tu-bromocriptine  'Ist nto in ptamhoa, tbu I vahe it tinewtr ni (os he or rD. anRy amy evha oimtnndee )ti - Aciohlolc itepathsi si largeylne nese ni ibnge enidkrsr WITH A GONL IHTYORS FO STPOOUCMINN. +
krisgsxr600  tIs dnik of ni mhpaaot ptaehrC 1, re"fe icldaar y,"jIrnu ticSeno 2 laxep"mse fo efre iadcarl yuj"rin gose reov who rfee lsracdia e(cdasu yb knnrgiid) deal ot taf ouliacuntcam +
sallz  uYo antc' get the teiiepahtsosatt efeobr getingt hte iotsetsas yat(ft .ehAlgcn )la eth AsF eduasc yb the oclohla nncootpmius eeltlvunay ldae ot tkoieycn ,leaesre lminmntaoafi dan iallfyn the etpthaisi sene in noolabl slnl.wegi +

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submitted by krisgsxr600(1)
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sWa jsut ngiog reov tPhamoa nagai nad he lpxsneea tihs poetcnc leryal wlle in CH ,1 reF"e aaRlcid yIn",urj octeiSn II Exm"pales of eeFr lRadaic jIuyr"n

ylimlueatt lcle geslnwil eh(t hmakrlal of ae/rrcbeelievtsu irjnyu) = mseboisor off RER = dcdeserea intoepr hnyts = aeerdsdec etpAiproolonpi tynsh = taf oimcatuuacln in cesll

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drschmoctor  Ye,s eh osed piaexln very wlel hwo boht rclaeull iselwlgn map&; taf cmonacauutil oc.ruc ... whchi si tcxleay yhw shit sqnouite si seom incckhe sv egg .SB +3

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