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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#36 (reveal difficulty score)
A 51-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
Area labeled 'B' (Parietal cell) πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—welpdedelp(258),
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Tihs swa talearl lrumaedl esrydnom aka aeorlorlastd tncairf of het PA.CI

submitted by βˆ—h0odtime(50),
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  • sairGtn eslaerde by G slelC rliocyp tu,ranm ddunemu,o cmhoast ulsimtsate tliaraep secll ot stceeer .lCH
  • iatlraeP sClle Fsudn(u + aiCard) leilieahtp lsecl ttha ceestre HlC nda rcitsnini crt.oaf hTye ttviaaec stigcar fhcie cslel ot eesctre seveidgti eyznms.e
  • sGitrac eifhC elsCl cu(sao)M: esraeles penisgpeon nad shonmyic


  • A ocusuM kecN Clle
  • B cNusuel fo taPirael lCel
  • C ucuNels of ehfiC llCe
  • D suclNue fo otedlEihnal Clel
  • E Nsecluu fo trsablioFb

dtirCe to disrinHda/et_tMo

lovebug  THX for kindful Lables! +1  

submitted by βˆ—mcl(646),
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Tish meagi is vrey lhluep.f

seagull Another histology slide with labels +3  
masonkingcobra  I like to think that the parietal cells look like "fried eggs" classically +1  

submitted by βˆ—seagull(1794),
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eAthron hiooglsyt edsil wiht sllbea a efw densosc oag

enbeemee  what are the other labeled structures? i can discern the parietal and chief cells, but not really the others... +1  
hyperfukus  yea wth is A +1  

submitted by enbeemee(12),
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hwta era hte horet elledba rcsutuse?tr i can dicensr teh rapielat dna ecfhi sel,cl tub otn hte hte..or.s

hyperfukus  what is A? +  
et-tu-bromocriptine  According to this source, they're mucous neck cells (secrete acidic fluid containing mucin); compare this with mucus produced by surface mucous cells, which is alkaline. +2  
hyperfukus  i gosh i see now! thanks so much :) so if it's Pink=Parietal but not granules got it thank you :) +  

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