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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#40 (32.6 difficulty score)
A physician prescribes a recently marketed ...
Phase 4🔍

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submitted by niboonsh(338),
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apehs eno - is ti Safe?

ahsep 2 - eods ti Wkor?

sahpe 3 - any Ivrnms?opetem

pshae 4 - ytsa no the Mk?aret

lovebug  Does the drug "SWIM" ? :) FA19, pg256 +  

submitted by thepromise(55),
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ontD' okol oto dahr inot ti. teh tems yssa YLETENRC" MA"ETDKER hte WSMI inm:omnec

:M tadMrkee rdsgu - shape 4

scalsci imkaset I maed by otn rgenaid /peorprly gionviektrhn

submitted by drdoom(819),
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sTih ghtmi eb a mero tueviniit krrmofewa rfo drgu atirl hepass.

Phsae 1 / tiFrs oyu eigv olny ot lhathey .opeepl You acnnot stet a nwe taehryp no ivudidinlsa woh rae eladary ”“isk.c woH lowud ouy niigisthuds erdasev grud fcteef ofmr iampcloiontc of het assdeei? nI eth engbiingn uoy mlsipy aehv ot rpoev that eht rugd esdn’ot sucea bopelsrm in amonrl iv.snuiialdd You atnc’ ovrep ahtt if ryou itniila ystdu ecundsil mnnan”o“r-lo au.snmh

ehPsa 2 / ,doeScn yuo vige noly ot eht .cksi hTsi tles yuo to eremnited fi eht gdru ash ayn bneeift wrhosvetae ni the etnnedid acnee.iud If ti sdoe not pediovr nfeetbi, rheet is on“ onaser” ot ncaevad ot het xten sateg.

hasPe 3 / ,rThdi uyo mtus erpvo htta eht rdgu nto onyl rdpisvoe a ietnfbe ubt is ayltlcau terebt htan hte nrcteur ntadrasd. deH”a-t“-o(dahe lriat; dmnaor ndlcooetrl a.)litr

hsaPe 4 / fI ouy ssap eth idrht gaest, uyo cna lreeaes uory rtuopcd to metrak utb utsm uievslr fro glrmento fteesfc cwihh lucdo tno be tdpcurae yb teh iarle,er eossrhga-ettr .seapsh

spaceboy98  This is the kinda shit we need more of. Awesome explanation man, I wish they wrote FA like this +2  

submitted by neonem(556),
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seagull  Well, I was not smart and put phase 1 since it was talking alot about adverse effects and withdrawl from the patients. But now I see I have 2 extra bad. +  
link981  Phase 1- Determine if drug is SAFE Phase 4- Continous surveillance of a drug that is already on the market. The vignette clearly states the drug is marketed. That means it passed the clinical trials. Marketed drugs have passed Phase 3 +