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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#22 (reveal difficulty score)
A 33-year-old woman, gravida 4, para 4, is ...
Transfusion-related acute lung injury ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—yo(89)
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iTsh oerurcdc hiitnw 6 uhsor adn sdacue some morlynupa aedem dna prtyirersao rtdsssei farte a nitsfuanros sdueca by eht rnosd'o -tetueicoylnak snbdiieoat tujs tsyngodrei teh perintceis hrelstiponu and tspryarroie othdilenela llsc.e

eihlw rxsiaa/llnlheapcygai acn suace iryetprraos srtaer adn chsok ti ahs a esthmaow nfdterfei tip,rcue on ee,zgnihw snihsctie ro rvtwehea and agdonricc to strif Adi ti psaepnh iwtnhi mnieust to -32 horsu hwhci si ta tslae dulbeo thaw e'rwe eesing .hree aslo webear of IAg cieetindf peopel ni hist .ceihco

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og ot apge 114 of fitrs aid. mI' treytp suer we dnee to wkon our rno/nsftanlisautipn crap ucbeaes it tjsu spkee gcoimn pu ni urdwol tub ihts eowlh aemx si a ao.potrhsc

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hungrybox  ew gnnao kame it obr +8
hungrybox  or iss +9
nala_ula  I idd hte ae,sm aclayilsb tenw ogurhht ehca eno nad het mtie of tnseo enetbew h.eac oGod ckul no ryuo !tst!se +
temmy  i nto'd hnkti rluonyapm mmosbeli wlil uasec lairabtle unlg rfinlteati +7
athenathefirst  I ohpe uyo guys daem t.i Yrou otsp 9 ohtsnm aog +2

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submitted by โˆ—hungrybox(1277)
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mIโ€™ tyginr ot yaelrl leran shti dan wonk who ot rleu uto lal het aswrne eohsic.c oS afr I ev:ha

A: yphlictnAaac eioatcrn ddiucne by AgI oisdnbaeti ;-t23l& hrs

:B moeHlcyit tsinsoafrnu ianotcer &1;tl hr

:C ieapvtoPersto oobnphiacnuenrmo nPaoimneu, ghtri rtaef lla eht unifsoni uensbsis adn no itmnoen fo feevr ro i?ghnyant haN

:D Plrounyam msbueol wiht numyprlao oiinfcntar

:E e-dtulssaafniToenrr uacet gnlu inujry r!ectCro cuOrsc t&l;6 rsh

I saw knigithn D cuold eb lrued out b/c htersโ€™e on mnotnie of hyrsiot fo bbitgalhzceilaumr/naplymooieio- et.atss dnA I geuss it emsse ivobsuo hte iosquten is oigufcns on het usrnsta.fino esemS kdain ifyf gtuh.oh Wath od uyo gsyu ?khint

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pass_this  I cyaltual gto shti rogwn adn hsoec D. tBu eht inoueqst eeotylpmcl si gtryni to ealn uoy wotasdr tornsfisuan nad iekl you adis on ronsae rfo E.P +
blindophthalmologist  ilaBaetrl nlug rntaeftiisl amkes ti nosdu eorm of a uiemmn s.pcoesr XCR fo a PE anc eb arnoml I eivelb.e +
lovebug  nad aos,l as yuo lal wnok B) lancclii xS of tHioyclem rsniuonftsa ociraent is egimoiolnrubah nda iedajnu.c erteh is on schu in.thg so rleu tuo :) +

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submitted by โˆ—unknown001(9)
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i luowd ighlyh mcomedern you freirna mrfo naigcrmm fo eaxct tsmniig , as meos revo pla , dan het iondgsrw nca eb iigln,asedm

fro ealepm,x niithw 6 ,hurso nac be epnetteidrr sa an vneet atth aststr ni ewf nimuets, sa wfe sitenum are rtpa fo teh wtii"hn 6 hru"os

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submitted by โˆ—unknown001(9)
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ignero imtngi nad tel mnomco ensse ekta cear fo it , tlse og for

alceargya/li=lpnatcich osbonoitnrtriocccn dna ehew z ti.olvasad t;g& rthdi giscapn tg&; khocs

iofsunnastr el.r eautc lgnu rnjyiu = soth iortpnlehu teavatidc by nodor odblo urdcopt g&;t eocyntik eareels ni pr ayoulnm .avsc t;&g aulmnrpy edmea

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