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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#23 (reveal difficulty score)
A 4-year-old boy with chronic granulomatous ...
Macrophages producing interleukin-1 (IL-1) 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by lsmarshall(452),
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submitted by trazobone(86),
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I wsa so ieafxtd no hte fcta that ni a TB mrgn,aluoa hasemacgrpo dcupero I12L or pFT,lhaaN otn I1.L oS I teeimdlain C nda dkeccli ,B eevn tho st’i not 4DC oystheypclm ttah erocudp pFNa.aThl uBt het cfat atht amcparhsoge udrpeco 1LI illst tn’did ekma yan n.ssee

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makingstrides  Macrophages secrete Il-1,6,8,12 and TNF - alpha. In this scenario, the patient is Il-12 receptor deficient. When macrophages engulf an object, it releases Il-12 to stimulate T-lymphocytes, that in return, release Ifn-gamma, which would convert the macrophage into an epithiliod histiocyte. +2  
abk93  making strides is a baller Thank you +  
abk93  why is this patient il-12 deficient? +  

submitted by usmle11a(94),
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NIF y wlil htbinii oerafttnidiiefn fo hT2 llcse nda reeftheor e,a( wb rn))go touaerlygr T dcels) l if het ecsa saw lginakt uoatb irusv

teepot123  fa 19 pg 108 +  

submitted by temmy(144),
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INF mgaam estlastimu mgrasaeohpc to codpuer gralusmoan

submitted by abk93(3),
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ciiSyeal,fplc wtha is eth prpeosu of 1lI- in stih stqnuoi?e

si it sujt ttah erpsacmoahg aemk ?-1Il

teo'dsn aperap to be levonivd in ugraamnlo rmo.atifon

submitted by meryen13(36),
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oenenritfr mgmaa ilwl od a few nsgthi in -tbyo&d;-g 1 vteaitca phmaseragoc to klli! ro ot eomcbe dtihieeolp ttsyciheio to lawl off iif.esnctno -2 ti llwi nrseaeci hte cam clemusloe no eth esufcra fo het .3 ti tiisbnih neotaiftrieidfn fo t elcl ot ht2 ellc absceeu 2ht has nait nlmoiaarymft (i-l10 )tsceonrei adn pecnlishoioi atiotivnca nuifncot. 4. laso divtateca het kn lescl ot trtsa !llngiki

bbr  and (just for completeness), promotes Th1 +  
ege  what does "Mac" stand for? "it will increase the mac molecules of the surface of the cells." Thanks! +  
saqeer  mac= membrane attack complex +2  

submitted by jatsyuk38(1),
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etosn'd aa-gIFmNm rapeuletug HICMI? icWhh wdluo tecivtaa T yhesoplcymt ot ecroupd o tieIk?scny do gte ywh hacapsorgme si hte ebttre ewrsa,n tbu 'dtndi rdunsntade ahwt I-L1 hda to do with hgt..inny.a

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