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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#2 (32.3 difficulty score)
A 40-year-old man with interstitial pulmonary ...
Increased radial traction on airways🔍

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submitted by benzjonez(37),
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cienfuegos  I think this is it -pulmonary fibrosis increases elastic recoiland widens airway 2/2 increased outward force (radial traction) by fibrotic tissue thus decreasing airflow resistance thus supernormal expiratory flow rates (higher than nl following correction for lung volume) +2  
notyasupreme  ^ Why do I feel like this is literally not english, I have no clue what's being said here. Can someone else explain it? +  

submitted by nwinkelmann(265),
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champagnesupernova3  FEV1 is increased due to greater recoil of the lung tissue. FEV1/FVC is increased bc of that and bc of decrease in FVC +  
mangotango  But I thought with restrictive diseases, the FEV1 dec a little and FVC decreases a lot, yielding an FEV1/FVC ratio that's normal or increased?? +1  

submitted by visualninjacontender(15),
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ulnaomyPr sbroiifs liwl ioenvvl antluoignar sesitu (as ti si sbiisrof.) otGuanlnari eitssu dceliuns o,asftboirblsym hiwch lilw "ull"p on hte rsiyaaw, eretybh iinesgcarn aadrli cnttoa.ri

sahusema  The fibrosis causes contraction, the airways are pulled open giving less resistance to airflow +1

radial traction emphysema vs fibrosis

+1/- alexv0815(-1),