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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#4 (45.5 difficulty score)
A clinical trial is conducted to compare the ...
Surgical procedure group: 400; Medical management group: 400🔍

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submitted by sympathetikey(1265),
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submitted by beeip(123),
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yo  You're not. I also goofed. +19  
seagull This video is a pretty decent explination worth your time on the subject. +2  
hungrybox  I got it right but I was only like 50% sure. So I appreciate it. +  
drdoom  ^ linkifying @seagull: +2  
teepot123  ^ same video above used when I analysed my form 20 q which I got incorrect at time, its very clear at explaining this, helping me get it correct on this form +  

submitted by sympathetikey(1265),
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