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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#20 (47.6 difficulty score)
A 68-year-old woman has had a fever and ...
Reactive granulocytosis🔍

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submitted by hungrybox(823),
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temmy  Hungrybox aka life saver +1  
hello  Thank you!!! +  
bbr  ....uh yeah im pretty sure we just call em "Auer Rods" now. Appreciate the answer tho! +6  

submitted by seagull(1170),
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submitted by dragon3(10),
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whossayin  Yes I’m at a loss for this one too. Still can’t figure out how we’re expected to differentiate those based on this slide shown. The only logical explanation that I can think of is that reactive lymphocytes may be seen in LYMPHOMAS as opposed to granulocytes which are seen in LEUKEMIAS Such a shitty way to trick us, hah! +  
henoch280  reactive lymphocytes are seen in EBV infection. you would see lymphocytes in the slide not neutrophils FA2018 pg 165 +3  
whossayin  That makes sense.. but was the question talking about EBV infections or hematological malignancies? Just a vague question I wasn’t really sure what exactly was it trying to teach us, I guess the reactive lymphocytosis just threw me off! Anyways, thanks for the clarification buddy! +  
ratadecalle  They way I thought about it was: Granulocytes: multi lobed nucleus Lymphocytes: single lobe +7  
hello  @whossayin - it's not reactive lymphocytosis because there are no buzzword type symtoms of EBV in the Q stem. Also, reactive lymphocytes look way different. +  

Granulocytes are neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils.

Lymphocytes are B, T, NK cells.

+7/- mafoo_xtreme(10),

submitted by minhphuongpnt07(5),
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submitted by step1soon(43),

We can rule out A B and C because its cancer and pt will present w/ weight loss. Here the pt likely has pneumonia w/ elevated leukocyte count indicating infection. On PBS, cells look like neutrophils (seen in acute inflammatory states) which are granulocytes therefore it is reactive granulocytosis.