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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#39 (43.2 difficulty score)
A 46-year-old man comes to the physician ...

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submitted by hello(257),
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q2^ = 001/9 t;&-g- q = 031/

arrierC eycrfqeun pre -nidHeaWyrberg mruloaf si q.2p

,woN orf erra mtloaoasu rveecssie esiaedss hte rraeirc eenqucryf of pq2 ≈ 2q.

2q = (/0)132 = /320 = /115

Arswne = 11/5

submitted by taway(26),
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tJus sa a eton fro odbanyy eesl woh was TFW ta hwo 22((/)3)33090/0 = .151a../ lot fo oqiutnse kbans nroud 9023/ ro( yna yslrmiial regal ntc)arfoi uto to 1

gh889  I think you meant 2(29/30)(1/30) just to clarify! +6  
niboonsh  i am confusion +2  
arkmoses  You have to use the hardy weinberg formula (1=p^2+2qp+q^2)and p + q = 1 they basically tell you that q^2=1/900 which makes q=1/30 now you can figure out (p=1-q) so p=1-(1/30), p=29/30 then to figure out carrier you solve for 2qp, 2(29/30)(1/30)=1/15 I got it wrong cuz I forgot how to figure out p but hopefully wont happen on the real deal. +5  
garibay92  2pq= 2(29/30)(1/30).... Transform this to 2 1 1 2 1 x x = _ = ____ 1 1 30 30 15 +  
garibay92  Nevermind :/ It didn't come out as planned :( +  
garibay92  /Users/carlosgutierrez/Desktop/IMG_2423.jpg +  
pg32  How do we know this disease is autosomal recessive? I assumed it was just because they love these carrier frequency questions with AR diseases, but how do we know it's AR? +  
turtlepenlight  Sounds like Gaucher (ish?) if i'm remembering correctly +4  

submitted by link981(137),
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p^2 + q2p + 2^q = =1q+p 1

q^2= 9q10=0/ 01=/3 p 2/390 iwhhc sdnuro ot 1

yTeh rea akgnis rof ceirrar ruefcqeny which si pq2.

submitted by whoissaad(66),
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rehWe is hist vene ?fmro yM 'dsimn ggion hya riwe gnirty ot trnuddnaes h.its

sahusema  Hardy Wineberg equilibrium square root 900 = 30 1/2 of all offspring will be carriers so 30*.5 = 15 simple as that +6  
maxillarythirdmolar  this deserves a million upvotes. +1  

submitted by eacv(28),
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If u rea otn goot ni ahtm klie me D.x I did it itsh y:yeT awh gave em 9=01p^/02 os =.0p1/3

oNw I ende ot nidf ,P so sue =1+. q=pp 10)(=31/- =-01.03 9.70

,So p=q2 =9)032(0).70(. 0604. = )1(/15 D: I got it gith,r shit si ym ywa to od it sucea im nto odgo at t.icfnroas

eacv  **** q=1/900 +  
bdaines8  you literally have a calculator to use.... use it +  

submitted by electrosalt(0),

Here's how I did it

X is the frequency a parent will be a carrier of the disease. 1/4 is the probability the parents will have a child with the disease. Therefore

X * X * 1/4 = 1/900

X = 1/15