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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#21 (reveal difficulty score)
66 yo woman, 2 days of fever, flank pain, ...
Calcium carbonate 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by cantaloupe5(85),
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hS’es kitangni 045 mOms per ayd os seh esnde ot cxeerte 405 mmsO epr yad ot iianatnm um.reiqbiliu You n’tca just execter mmss’O by eshtlmeesv -- etyh vaeh to be ssleovdid ni some munota fo etawr.

s’teL say you ceerext 054 smOm iwht 050 Lm of ratwe -- atht nmase ruyo sdekniy aer iaenognccttrn eirun ot:

504 mOsm ÷ 500 mL = 009 mO/Lsm

Btu het ammmxui shti ayds’l iendsyk cna ceretanntoc reuni ot is 054 smm,L/O os ehs ahs ot ecteerx orem etwar to tge it ttha .ultdei Taht nmotua fo earwt is 1 ,L cseaube 045 sO1/mm L = 540 m.OsL/m

oNw ’eetshr togninh pipgotns ehr mfor tecrneixg the 405 smOsm ni an eevn omre iuteld uiern -- ofr ampxele fi hes nardk na exatr L of erwat noe yd,a eht dksinye ocdul tge dir of taht rexta L ihwt het msea matuon of 504 sOmm by nultdgii eht iuern ot 054 Omsm ÷ 2 L = 225 /LmOsm. uBt het untioqes assk ofr hte iunmmim mutaon of tewra -- ihwch si 1 L yb het dsiynke (+ 1 L morf eth oreht tsfuf rfo a talot of 2 )L.

submitted by krewfoo99(114),
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cCulima abatCenor si an itaadcn hcwhi anc aecetlh nad edaecrse sicfevefesnte of ertoh udsrg shcu sa sctlcyeritnea and nuiqofsuelrolon

submitted by madmoroccan(4),
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anlitedv sonatic fereteirn thwi eth oaisbortnp )i(otrbsad?on fo cCnoxoaprifl.i

redvelvet  divalent cations interfere with the absorption of tetracyclines, not fluoroquinolones. anti-acids interfere with the absorption of fluoroquinolones. (like in this q, it's ca carbonate) +3  
keyseph  According to SketchyPharm, divalent cations also interfere with the absorption of fluoroquinolones +13  
nbmeanswersownersucks  Calcium carbonate is an antacid but it has Calcium in it....which is a divalent cation +4  

submitted by an1(93),
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momnCo Crohtesal:

  • Inro
  • Cciamlu
  • gM
  • mmnliAuui

Cyoommnl tedCahel srguD:

  • eanrtliTccyse
  • eFriunnlulosooqo
  • oiervtynLxeoh

eThse arctee ulslboeni xlespecmo dna ear hidnbeiit ofmr igben dbr!asobe

an1  ^Best way to avoid is to take meds at different times in the day +  

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