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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#25 (reveal difficulty score)
40 yo man, 1 year of orthostatic hypotension ...
Motility disorder ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—usmile1(154)
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iekL 132t ,dsia I hntik eth yek ot shti intsqoeu swa ot elur uto eht ehotr narsew ochsice sa ythe doluw nto vahe manorl o.tols I dfnuo isht icelrta htat neieaslslty brseak wndo IG idsrsdreo ni eedatsbi into asrrsiegatspo nda nsneitailt yephtrenoat. Teshe icainmtocoslp nad rhtei ypmosstm era entfo aeudcs yb lranamob GI imitylto, chihw si a qconusencee fo catbeiid tuicoanom putnaoyerh vniogivnl hte GI .ractt

aIltnntise yaptnhreeot ni nepttasi twhi bdseatie amy rtesnep sa aadhreir, cin,totpnoais or lfcae onnciiet.encn hTe eracenelvp of edarriha ni anpettsi hwti itsbeade is ntebewe 4 dan 22 4tenc5rp,e. amIrdpei iotitmly ni hte small wlobe cna edal to isasts mros,eynd iwhch nca rlesut in .rarhidea nI oi,nddiat yimrepliohtyt dcesua yb daeecesrd esipcmhaytt t,ninoihiib aieptnccra funcfinyci,sei as,raretetoh nda aootilprasbnm fo leib asslt anc fhuretr ieorbtcnut to araihdre. rnmlAabo tlniaenr dan ntareelx alan cresthnpi iftcnonu dueasc by euaornphyt can deal to afelc ctonn.ienienc hneW tngiuveala a ptaient thiw dtiasebe woh has adihre,ar eer-ddlatrgu uassec .g(.,e netomfrmi phgle[]aucG,o )olctuasle uhsold eb roddes.niec


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cbreland  I reega, elft iekl lal hte ehotr icoshce ldwou ahve nmsiegoth ddo ni eth ltoso suitsde +
jurrutia  ottscitOrah rsheeoptynni emsliip septtyicham iconsdnufy.t soLs fo isctehyaptm tniup ssauce ioindhiniitbs fo nieltaisnt .itmolyti +4

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submitted by โˆ—t123(32)
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shiT tneqsuoi is lryeal tigetns awht het ffrnedite spyte fo rriedaha o.hws yeK si s"otol sswho no ebanoiat.mlris" In moi,rapsnatbol veui,teaxd iocmsto, and cortsyere ,arrhieda ruyo oppo duowl eb ewdir in eosm .wya A lymtoiit rdeirdso si teh LNOY eytp eehr atht lwdou caeus mnorla popo.

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myoclonictonicbionic  How duwol lsoto eb rfdentife in ryeretsoc or cmosito hea?radri yheT tesat htta eh ahs loeso lsoto whcih codul sola ancideit tetryieocrsmco/so iarr.eahd I tinkh tyhe era tnyrgi to htin htat he ash aeebdist fro r6y2s rohetrfee eh hsa ateedbis tyenaeohtpr and erforhtee tlyimtoi iseuss +6
takayasuarteritis  I'm thwi yuo on iht.s I tnihk tis' a ieynmectr vnree plsxeu sseiu frmo gnnogal-nitds adi.ebets +14
drpee  hetayruopN mseak ssene orf MDT,1 I suegs I utjs pexecdet a ytltioim usesi to uceas tianootcnpsi taherr naht .idhrae..ra +19
mnunez187  voMnig oto asft or gimovn too lwos +
an1  re@ped heya ase,m UW moinenedt htta gaemad ot ecteinr renesv ni DM alsed ot nitao,tpcoisn so I hthtoug hte mtliytoi sedoirdr uodshl eahv pcisontation +

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submitted by โˆ—sugaplum(487)
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p1dcb7wtw.6p/7n/gh.hn4ibtewu4i:./.4solnv/mm com nom esuiss ni ypet 1 and eytp 2 itdabesci

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azibird  Tath ltaeirc osde otn cnoe tioenmn the wrod areda.rih +2

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