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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#3 (reveal difficulty score)
An investigator is studying the efficacy of ...
Flagellin ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—cantaloupe5(87)
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Cruapals leocidayahrcsp vcescina rea oneft otceugnajd ot rpnotesi ot mprievo gitmicom.nuieny ilnFglael si hte ynol awerns ciecho t'sath a nitr.poe

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mambaforstep  bhot CHM 1 dan 2 era setrenp gennaist tath are RPONESIT AF( 9021 gp )001. os in rredo ot teciil a T llce psors,ene oyu edne a ipnrote ACNT( BE A Y)LAPCSO.C atth is hwy vscicean ofr liecaspcyraod snaetgni are fento tgaejonduc to ;-OIt&-NPRsgTE os htat we can ctiiel a Te-llc nesrpeos AF( 2109 gp .2)71 +7
lovebug  llmguleFa = i,tnoPre (F9A,1 14p)g.2 +1

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submitted by โˆ—wasabilateral(47)
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I nhitk eyth wtan you to iknht touba woh oaceuntjg nevaicc si em:da csrahleicyodap + ipetron tegmnraf (to ieducn T nndteeedp ueminm senr.)seop nlOy lialgnelf si a rnteoip (ro at aslte udonss ielk n)oe in the otopin

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vi_capsule  Fugalemll is po.rtien iFilielrai/mbP - GpLncreootyi +4

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submitted by enbeemee(12)
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i etg hwy i'st lln,gleifa tub is het secpcifi orsnea thta PSL is gornw si bcauees ti's stuj ont owh the ncvciea si daem? PSL dowlu salo ictiel na iumenm na,icrteo grthi?

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nor16  diLpi A fo PSL acn eb dseesn yb 1D4C of hoasagmrcpe casuing oc,skh tsi nto a oip,rten so on mimuen nectirao sa ni acnaniotvci (rha,lomu IgG lascs wtishc via 2Th nad B le.)lsC +4
eclipse  cylatalu yeth do sue LSP sa ajuantvd ni accsnvei +3
eclipse  ulalcyat they do ues SPL as atjvduna in sianevcc +3
hyperfukus  TLsR egineoczr cnmmoo omsfit laelcd esoaaistntdoehapcg- umcraolel rteptna A)PM(P in b,eraatic nfiu,g esuvrsi, nad thore gapse.tnoh LRT nsgnliiga in eht adutnoolim fo tniaen mintyimu + aevatidp unmiimyt aagtnsi gate,hspno TLR s:nasotig D-,GpCAN ngfll,alei adn ipild aeebcm iaelssent adstcdeina of iefaeesvecftf+ ivcacne .vtujsaand RTL gaossitn erpvmoi eht ifcaeycf of aicncev, gundcire desR-CTba ncotselei eotlshhsdr and ningenhac teh mtaidneug dan italuyq of emorym lTe-cl re.pesons +5
hyperfukus  mose xetra ofni in aces etyh ksa ortnhea inyngnao q +5
aturner713  otN uers fi hsti seattmr rof itsh ro no,t but ieeNissra .spp evha OodcrpcIiiLhaeOGlsa LSO() and otn elrYLicPaOoischpad (LP)S +5
schep  I n'dot etsrndudan ywh SPL lo'cudtn eb eth asrwne sla.o lodWUr onseitqu DI 45 iycfclsilpea ayss that ehty rae uisng LPS as a eautojgnc +1
jp1003  I kthin it's eecbsua riNseseia sdeo evha .PLS yheT aevh LSO en.aitsd +2
jp1003  *deso otn ahev LSP +2
thrawn  Dtenos trmeat - ew ontd ecysarslnei jtecin the emas eceips OL/SLPS ni a ienccav - ytahnngi to eamk eht muemni eytsms weak pu ot a hrtate +1
an1  eTh rmet gaioohipsrcdoileacl "SL)"(O si sude ot rreef ot a cilw-luo-tlerwegmhoa mrfo of riltcebaa lshcop.ilaespacidyro utB gnjtiienc LPS liwl nucied hscko dan hte "DTI'NNOXEO sadcaec nmidoetne ni AF +1

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