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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#19 (reveal difficulty score)
A 22-year-old man has had frequent episodes ...
C1 esterase inhibitor (binds activated C1r, C1s) ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—drdoom(1165),
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hTe mest si iibrdsceng eleequas of ropieosrt riroifne ercllebera taryer n,cilocsou leurgistn in reaelglWnb nrsmd.yoe seโ€™rHe a eicn macechtsi of hte cfdfeeta euncil and ainbr setm nesirog:


... adn a emnui6t- ueubTYo dveio ttha kwlsa uyo torhguh i:t

submitted by โˆ—mcl(666),
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Pattein yma heva aerydirthe a,ieodnagme ichhw si adtecsasio wiht rrutce"ren scttaka of eeistn,n emss,via celoazdli nbucstouaues eamde vongivlni het imtees,xietr lgaaietin, cf,ea or rnukt, ro asoclbsumu emdea of prpue yrawai ro b"elos.w ehT artciel esgo on to ysa reas"Cees1-t noihibitr woksr rctdlyei on teh leoemtmncp nda otcactn asapml ascacsed ot uercde kaynnibrid leaseer" whihc is laso aplobbry ogdo to wnk.o


notadoctor  oThguth shti was a krtic tonqeisu sa C1 eatseser dicinfeyce laos tsslrue ni a sreecdae in .C4 evwHe,ro eth neodsc raswen ccheio was ton nriefegrr to 4C tbu ot 4C iindbng nrpeto,i wihch I wno onkw si tf.einredf I laso 'niddt azeelri C1 ertaeess aws hlecayitlnc a molenmptce ni.eropt +4  
youssefa  aedsB on amny cerossu yertedhria imdangoaee soed OTN aucse a arhs u(iircrt)aa ihwch is a amni eefgtinrdiaintf ponit teenebw idneoamega nda .rgaeyll shiT deasmil em ni htsi isount.qe yAn fal?aciitrcnio +27  
ergogenic22  1+ no eth ovaeb beeascu tuaotped ttsase ahtt 1c sserteae ihonbirit icdfeey,cni thbo eqiuarcd nad eno,arhteirynd rae htbo unt,rioanic-rla inniuctro,rp- dan tath si criemofdn by hte ebvoa eklndi cairtle +2  
sahusema  eoitsnuQ rretwi rbbopaly n'tddi oknw eht iffeedecnr ebwtene tuncesauo criraiuat nad baoscsntuueu mdee.a +5  
almondbreeze  .asem ogt ti wngro bc het pt ntd'di vahe xs fo aeirrthyed ioagemeadn - lnswelo pils dan eesydli +2  
teepot123  af 91 pg 071 +1  
beloved_bet  Acdoincgr ot Abmsos M"sat m-tlceieaeddl a ngetnfaediOmeo seaocasitd wtih rciaatrui dan reirrOphutus t taeidasosc whit lalcncii ngisnidf fo carellig noitsrcea se(e pyet 1 niithpseeyyivtrs erePisro a)ctnsten ihwitn 30 iuenmts to 2 hsuor ftrea upeoxres nad rleeovss vroe ursoh to yda"s +2  
skonys  hiTs itsounqe is ass +1  

submitted by โˆ—jsmoov(25),
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ihTs enapitt ash IUQCRDAE EI,MGDENAOA hcwhi is nrfdieeft rmfo e.tdiarerHy nI teraridyHe you do NOT snepret hiwt trrauciai as onmidenet yb omes vurespio cmmstnoe.


eAuciqdr geinoaadem ()EAA si hcedzatiaerrc yb uqdareic nyceefiicd of 1C tiobihrni (1-,)HNCI ycenitapiaorhvt fo eth clsaaislc awpytha of mhnau lptmemceon nad ganidmaoee stomsypm ideaedmt by ibnandrkyi edaleser by repotiirpapna iatanotvci of teh innnictakt-co yetsm.s

submitted by โˆ—syoung07(58),
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smese tshi diyehtrrae mdaogieane akslc wl,le rentgiyvhe tath si rriyteahed angom.dieea satTh soem odgo lfyami ufn trehe eh totnoC

submitted by โˆ—abhishek021196(112),
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erHdyertia gneaamdioe ()AEH sudaec yb s1rsatCe-ee hoiitrinb enccyiifed is na aam-onsidolatnmuot deessia egtnsurli ofrm a umttniao in het o-riihbCtn1i gen.e HAE is zirrhataceedc by certuernr ckatsat of ,nitesen av,mssie lozaeclid nsecasbtuuuo emade lvignvion the mteriste,eix aign,ateil cef,a ro utnkr, or aumbuocsls damee fo rpuep riyawa ro esbolw. nuioRte -mregonlt hsirpyalpox twhi hieetr teduantaet onsrnaged ro ert-sCsae1e ihobrniti has eben shonw ot udrcee eht ycqrnfeue adn retyivse of AHE kcat.sta

submitted by kolivera(4),
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shTi si atwh I maec scaros nutpgit the owt aeeomangdi( + ynsaargmo)slp teotergh. aeTk tnoi acctnuo atth isht info is adginrrge AIsEC tub, I ssuge htwi a ncetira retis,yev ameodgaeni acn eb saoasctied thiw ehtor s.x oe"e,vwrH iedmganoae hsa rudcceor lyunsded ratef tnmhos to ryeas fo pey,trha nad uoatb 2%0 fo wknno saecs fo aeadeimong gnoicucrr ni itsh tctexno aym nvivoel eresve msmypsto .(ge., dpaen,sy rsto,dir gysmlpn"a.osra)


submitted by syloruspincter(1),
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I 'dnot leeiveb htsi oeqtusni is ssiderangd itrderheya dogaiamene iwchh( is dilneytief a nifntetmioaas fo CN-1IH n)iefeicc,yd utb tarehr utsj verceaoitv eptmncmole ecs(in sti ihoinirbt is tid) mbmreRee that ypbrotdsuc of the conmptlmee acadesc uinecld ,3aC 4,Ca and C,a5 hhiwc rae all ahylnptna.ixaso dssoipe"E of uosnceatu tacauriir nad scolnaoica dseseopi of osnasgamply"r edbierscs na eagiclrl inrteaco tath acn eb deiemadt by teh lapsaitxhnnayo duocdrep in het .csdaeac The hetor eanwsr coehsci doulw lead to sdreedaec enlpmemcot ytiavtic nad eroehrfte eelasre of rewef syant.haialxpno

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