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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#32 (reveal difficulty score)
A 17-year-old boy has the acute onset of ...
Lymphocytes 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳 / 📖

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submitted by pparalpha(93)
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EVB -VH4)(H cnsetif B llce uohgthr .1D2C

clayptiA hospmyeytcl no eheprlrapi boodl amesr otn( dcneftei B clels, utb eerviact ictycotxo T )c.sell

"nMu:coelisos"on + poostnom ttse de(isobnita etddecte by iniugattlnaog fo shpee or ehsor sBC)R

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sbryant6  tyaAclip tslycphoyme rea +D8C T llesc, otn .4DC+ bremmeeR that. +17
mangotango  I meeerbrm hsti ecbesau nciutfseoI snMneluoscooi si decuas by a viurs slyt(om BE,V metsmiseo M)VC dan MCH lasCs I fotnsiucn ot ptnsree gdosenuoen ntsgneai eg.(. arvli ro lcoisoyct pirt)onse ot +C8D T nI cpor,onamis MCH lsasC II si orme idvevlno thwi respnnitge xnoesguoe nnisatge ge..( aalcibert nieotpsr) ot +D4C T clles. // FA 1,029 pg 001 +3
amy  I get the cyatlpia T clel ai,de tbu can eonmose lphe me nnurtseadd why oncmoety si otn ltaeeedv ni ?olcooBssTnW,i ??un?me ereth ear hotb itoreehlph )ipsietBvVoE( ADN horpelihet MtnvaeCi)e(gV losusncemo,ino so atpetni can eavh - onpsomot test dna lilst ahve .ciooulmnsoens.. +
drdoom  a@ym sinolmsnuooec ≠ ymsoenotc. sooluenno-sciM erefsr to hte necrsaie of l-ruocamonne elcsl l(ysyo)phetmc ni het olob,d sa podpoes to prrmohcaeonlloup-y ro “tedesnmge” ewith obdol eclsl klie rheslnt,ouip hioslabp,s ro hisciwislopohneh— lal vhae ertih lenuic edidvid oint 2 ro orem “be”osl mo(bilalurt ll.c)se sooMsi-“lecn”nou tsju ferrse ot an iarseenc ni hte ldoob of eosht selcl thiw a ne“lgs,i nuod/tublndlsutegnemee”a slcuuen = yhtscmlypeo. +1

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submitted by calvin_and_hobbes(2)
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"In iontaidd ot yslhigtl derdeeasc llteetap nt".co.u. — yhw rea tpls yhgtllis owl ni EVB inmicofnno?oe/t

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