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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#24 (reveal difficulty score)
Diastolic blood pressures are obtained in two ...
Median of group Y: higher; Mode of group Y: higher ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—amarousis(27)
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os orf htis neo uoy evah ot kloo at teh sitacldoi ldboo suprerse adn tsa'th eht vlsuae 'oruey ouspsedp to dae.r ont eth reunbms in eht nuc.mols kLei ogupr 'Xs edmo is 07 aceuseb ti ash ttah eluva 32 s.etim ogurp y's mdeo si 08 bcuseea ti saaprep 20 sm.eit for eia,dmn uyo uodwl hvea ot ertiw eht oldaitsic nmrbeu 10-520 ohw vree namy imtse it rpaasep dan ehnt ndfi eht ied.dml krcyit iqoeusnt.

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sahusema  Wo.w I teah this. I olny ekoodl at het mrunbe of sinapttciarp dna tlyocmelpe dnreiog het ilasiDtoc BP dneigras +5
ma_rad  enoevryE eonmedmct hwo ot tge eth mdeo r.gthi Btu theer is an ersaei way to zleiare tath teh dminae ni Y is ghhrei ttowiuh all eht nacloct.laius If uoy e,es hte stal itcslaiDo PB in upogr X is 101 as( teerh aer OERZ eleppo ihwt ).021 Wilhe proug Y sah 8 elppeo wthi 021 PBD. ishT yuacilaattlom fsshti hte aedmin to teh gheihr .Isdi e tog ihst rowgn uhhgto at sfirt I ddint' apy tonneitta to eht 0"" mnbuer at pgoru X rof 102 PBD +11
brasel  I thkin seth'er onrtahe yeas wya to fnid teh daniem tuowhti nriwgit otu vryee rThee rae 010 oltat epleop ni aehc ,pougr so ttha aensm teh madnie i(f eth sPBD era eritwtn ni nagsnedic oer,rd whihc hety ra)e is eth ht05 .rosepn Gruop :X 8 + 21 + 30 = 0,5 so aemdin is pur0 G7o Y: 2 + 8 + 10 + 02 0+1 = 0,5 os nedmai si 90 +12
mangotango  I ddi ti the ayw aslerb@ nda.ilxeep hTe way ama@r_d did ti odluc iegv het otnicecrr ensarw ni seom cseas .(e.g uGpro X ahd 0 plp tihw 012 BP btu a ont fo plp for 011 PB .tec + pruoG Y had 01 ppl iwht 021 PB utb lyalsbcai enno whit 101 BP tc)e.. In thsi itsqoenu that way kowrde but i'st ton wlysaa regdatnuea cseni ieadmn 'sendot awys hiwt i,leourst btu mane e.sdo // AF 1290 .gp 216 +2
unknown001  fro nimaed ewirt dnwo yerve lvuea ? i yeaeelrl oehp you erew nig,kjo h te tdaa si aaedryl aadgernr rofm asetl to tteg,aser whcih si a rcaeriti ofr eidengirtmn enam. n wo add pu lilt ouy aechr 50, dan aelocertr ti hwti uaelv of lctdiaiso lbdoo esepursr dna OB,OM ist ttha seya +

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submitted by โˆ—yb_26(315)
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rrsyo rof eth ki,napn eohp htat wlil help mseoeno

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fadila  inmdae hlusdo e:b 07 rof rpogu X ; 85 rof rpugo mniade Y erhe si eth raagvae of iacDtoisl BP rudsmaee netewebe eth 50 ;a&pm 51 neaptsit (icesn eht mburen of penstiat in chae gropu ni ev;ne nd=aeMi /(n1+2) t&;g- 11)02=(+/0 0 .5)opr5uG X = 07)+(2/07 = Gourp 07 Y = 920(+/80) = 85 +1

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submitted by ma_rad(13)
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vEyreone nteodemmc woh ot etg the omde rg.iht tuB eetrh is an eiraes wya ot zreeali that teh dmanie in Y si rigehh outwthi all eht inclsca.taluo If uyo ,ees hte astl oliitDcsa PB in ogurp X si 110 s(a there ear ZREO olpeep twhi 2.1)0 Whiel ourpg Y sah 8 poelep hitw 021 PDB. hTsi aalauyilcmtto hsitfs teh dieman to eth ighreh ie.ds

I tog tshi rognw ghouth at frsit I ddi'nt pay tnttaeion ot eht ""0 nuermb at rpoug X rof 012 DBP

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submitted by โˆ—yb_26(315)
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rsoyr rof hte pai,knn heop taht illw hlep snoeeom

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yb_26  rdtie to tachta ,ohtpo ysrro ofr (atht +

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submitted by hajj(0)
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acn onnaey npaiexl ths?i i nwko nmaied for y si rihheg yb otnculacila tbu x has wto mosed so hwo emoc y ahs hriegh emod?

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lispectedwumbologist  eTh oedm ni X si 32 dna hte odem in Y si 08 +
lispectedwumbologist  hTe deom ni X si 70 dna eht deom ni Y si *08 +1
hajj  hnakT uo!y +
hungrybox  Jstu ginhcekc ni so I ducol fele armts btoau tnegitg itsh higtr etedips bbiomgn teh esrt fo het etts maol +5
usmleuser007  nac eonsmoe slepea pxnlaie teh dniame ni iths +
nala_ula  The aminde cna eb noknw yb istrf gbsenalims teh numresb in orred fmor tales ot trIa.reeg f its' an euvenn berunm e,st hte brnmeu ni eth lddmei is het amiden fro( aem:xpel ,4 0,1 12, 2,0 72 = eimdan is 21 ciesn ihts si het erunbm ni eth ;lieddm) if the enrbsum rae eevn hnte ouy vhae ot etak het wto euvasl ni the ,eddiml dda tmeh up nad diiedv tmeh yb 2 rfo[ laeexmp: 4, 1,0 1,2 1,2 ,20 72 = /+(2)1122 = .]12 Pgea 621 no FA 0921 exianlsp ti sa .ellw Nto ersu fi I nedpexial it we..ll. odog clku on het estt, e!opple +
dubin johnson  anC snomeeo pleeas xalipen woh eth edmo orf Y atnh X. Not uers who we otg the esuavl voeb.a shTkna! +
dubin johnson  I maen owh is eht demo rof Y erterga tnah moed fro ?x +1
sgarzon15  odeM si eth eon htat steapre the otms eonc oyu stli meht in edrro +
usmile1  eMinda lwuod eb eht PB uaelv tath het opsenr ni hte 50ht ntcelrepie fo echa purog owldu eahv. oS orf pgrou ,X to find eht th05 certnpe e,lvua I dedad 8 + 12 + 32 = ,25 hwcih si hgrit vboae 50, os teh idamen dlowu be 07 mHmg rfo proug .X ignD o het seam htnig for gropu ,Y +1++28+020 18 = 5;8 hte t50h eeltniepcr luwdo lafl ni pourg that hda a BP fo 09 m.gmH hwhci eskam teh ndeiam rehihg for uorpg h.eo pY atht 'snit gwnro, nad hplse moen!eso +4
poisonivy  I ddi ti the asem wa!y otn typert uers fi ti is eth thigr yaw ot od it, utb it aegv me hte hgrit s!reawn +

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