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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#3 (23.9 difficulty score)
A study was performed that evaluated the ...
Odds ratioπŸ”

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submitted by neonem(549),
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drachenx  Following up on Neonem's comment OR = RR when you are dealing with a RARE disease. +4  

submitted by emmy2k21(23),
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uJts a mmeconni ot peke tcrak of ceas lctnroo w/ sdod taori dan toorch /w retvelia ris.k kntTo:CChin-s aROle ninlntileoayt mpsedislel ofr ddos thorCtiRo Roa rof eaerltiv sikr

makinallkindzofgainz  I like Dr. Ryan's way to remember it better: Just look at the 2nd to last letter in each word. Case ContrOl --> Odds Ratio and CohoRt --> Relative risk :) +3  

submitted by bbr(22),

Study: TV exposure ----> Disability

Sorting by disability/disease = Case-Control

BnB approach: contrOl (2nd to last letter is "O"--> "O"dds ratio)

(if we were sorting by exposure, that could be cohort, use RR)