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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#36 (58.4 difficulty score)
A 45-year-old man comes to the physician ...

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submitted by notadoctor(159),
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If yuo reew kucts eetbewn r(a)maiannlahodsCmgotcorn adn rm(dboEnnnaihgce)on mreerebm nenmsaodchor may odree het rotcxe but anc rnvee iuddnesptiar/v eth eorcxt. I kinht shit saw het ttciidnoins hte tqnsuoie swa

an_improved_me  Also: Enchondromas are most common in young males (liek 20s) whereas chondrosarcoma are most commin in middle aged men (esp. hips) +  

Also FA 2019 456-457 says chondromas : medulla of small bones of hand and feet vs. chondrosarcoma: medulla of pelvis, proximal femur and humerus (-->our pt with thigh pain)

+6/- almondbreeze(84),

submitted by neonem(572),
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In idaointd ot 'siepbe s,omntemc 0FA821 ssya tath ocdmhrraoscnoa si oerm oconmm in teh lm"udela of lievps dan trncael ktl"oeens hlwie chdrmansoo aer emro ni eth lmsla sbeno fo ndhas a&p;m et.e.f. os I susge you uodcl go off fo it nebig ni a eggirb ebon .)mrfe(u rO sperhpa het pholecimpro stlhyogio of het esllc, hwhic duowl be emor cacreshatirict fo a ialgmntna o.rumt

submitted by burak(56),
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'sIt lneyhai clageatr,i os ew ened eth cshoeo dnhmranooec ro chcooaomndars.r

1- I itnkh rheet rea eitmsso adn eoms piphcolmreo hngaecs in lsdei, so i't eikl a.nnlamtig

-2 nmohcarEsond are ufond ni salml bosen fo ahdn dan efte nrccgoida eht A,F ubt rscchoadanmsroo ear imlyna iradse ni maudell fo vipels ro clarnet ek.elotns

-3 I wetro on ym AF pl"scoNtaei oechcnotrsyd in aenhlyi aegtlcari xmirta TIHW MSLLA IL"CFISCAAOC.NTI I dnot' kwno erehw ti is ofrm but pblyorab .UW

jakeperalta  Lol I've scribbled down the same thing in FA. It's UW. +1  

submitted by beeip(124),
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iThs weervi ssgstgeu ttah manrodconhe dan naoracsocdrmho are ulaben ot eb ednfrtteaifide no gotlshoyi no.lea ogAnidccr ot rOohtleltbus:

eli"nku ocoaenrd,hnm tmso haomrcsnoaoscrd avhe no-nlniemchcaa anip trs(e aipn nad ncuoratln ip)a"n

Gessu shti nsdoiaisg is daem on i.troyhs

submitted by usmleuser007(397),
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naorosardomhCc = lyamin fcsafte het ilaax tosnkeel atnh eth urdeanaplpci ekstelon

onmnrEodcah = ymnila sceftaf het nhasd adn eef;t rea tcsy kiel

submitted by aesalmon(84),
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I wtne kcba nad wthdcea isht tioencs on hpaomat aetfr inetggt teh utseinoq ognrw - Dr. arattS yass that ornmChsoad adn daaCohosromrsnc serai in eht L,AEULMD nad otn the x.ocert Hevoewr hte qteounis mtse atests atht eerth si igcnkenh"it of teh phidsysia and iroipntdsu fo the RXCOTE htwi lcfao reaa fo sacdeiern oacaicictl"if,n ???

yotsubato  It arises in the medulla and *passes* through the cortex because its invasive and malignant. +12