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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#36 (58.4 difficulty score)
A 45-year-old man comes to the physician ...

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submitted by notadoctor(159),
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fI uyo eerw ktcus eewtenb tsr(alhrio)doamomaaCncgnn dan nn)nmioc(rEdaobhnge rmebreem aonndscmrheo yma eorde hte rteoxc btu anc eervn ednuvdpsi/tiar eth crx.oet I tnhki itsh swa the tnntdoiisci hte iqntueos asw gsittn.e

an_improved_me  Also: Enchondromas are most common in young males (liek 20s) whereas chondrosarcoma are most commin in middle aged men (esp. hips) +  

Also FA 2019 456-457 says chondromas : medulla of small bones of hand and feet vs. chondrosarcoma: medulla of pelvis, proximal femur and humerus (-->our pt with thigh pain)

+6/- almondbreeze(84),

submitted by neonem(572),
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nI ondatdii ot psb'iee osmemn,tc 20AF81 sasy ttah scoamhracodnor si omer omcmno in the ma"deull fo spliev adn ncratel etko"elsn iwelh mdnhrsooac rae ermo ni teh laslm nesbo of hadsn ;p&am e..fe.t os I eugss uoy dcuol og ffo fo ti igneb ni a erbigg bone .)uf(mer rO rphepas teh ihpomlecopr ghisyloto fo teh lesc,l hchwi odwlu eb rmoe ihsttcrraaecic fo a inglnmata .tomur

submitted by burak(56),
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stI' alnyhie itaaecrl,g so we eden eth ohcoes dnmnorcoaeh ro oaoonac.crsrdhm

-1 I ntkih erthe rea emitoss nad eoms heoocimprlp hganesc ni ld,eis so ti' liek inng.almat

2- hoEdconmanrs rea nofdu ni asllm bsneo fo dahn and tefe dccnogair eht ,AF ubt onocmrsharosdca are yianml irased in llueamd fo epvlsi or lnrceta ko.eltens

-3 I treow no ym AF clsaep"tiNo ohsodenyrtcc in enalihy ctealriga rmaixt THWI SLLMA ITI.NCOACALF"SIC I n'dot nokw erweh ti si mofr but oryablpb .UW

jakeperalta  Lol I've scribbled down the same thing in FA. It's UW. +1  

submitted by beeip(124),
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ihsT iwrvee uestgsgs ttha ohmdnonerca nad dcarahomnsocor aer nlaeub ot eb etidfreinetdfa no lhtsgiooy lneo.a coiAgcnrd to lesthlOtuobr:

inu"kle onho,mnarced mtso sdsoromacchnroa heva aci-alohnmecnn naip e(str npia dan onacutrln n)api"

useGs hsti siindsaog is adem no y.otrihs

submitted by usmleuser007(397),
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ocohadrosrnCma = ynlima fftasec eth ixaal eklenots nhat het rlacidueppan estoknel

nmrnoacEodh = mnyila cfstafe teh hsdna dan ;eetf aer ycst elki

submitted by aesalmon(84),
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I wtne cabk nad wcdaeht htis isntoec no ahtmpoa faetr gttegin eth nsueotiq grnow - rD. Staart asys tath srmdhnooaC dna omhodrncrCsoaas iraes ni eht DLMU,ELA nda otn hte or.ctex owrHeve teh qieunost semt ttsase atth ehter si iehgkntc"ni fo hte shpiysdai adn ositpnduri of eth TOCEXR iwth cfalo aare of recenasid cni,aiftcialco" ???

yotsubato  It arises in the medulla and *passes* through the cortex because its invasive and malignant. +12