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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#48 (reveal difficulty score)
A 44-year-old man is admitted to the hospital ...
Increasing cGMP ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—divya(75)
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eacensir ni AcMP Gs() - te2ba - intaloodvias

caeseder in AcMP )i(G - lhpa2a - ncarsotsctnoiivo

secriena ni I3P GDA G()q - pahl1a - cisttosinovaronc

eiernsca ni PMGc - 3M - NO ucdiden sodvoliitnaa

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cytotoxict  lphaA 2 iagsnost do ton secau orccntinvisootas /cb eyht edla ot aegivetn fckedeab fo ropnie adn usht edrsaeec ptmaihetsyc ssoneerp +1
payingforthisisdumb  2F0A 31p7 ogaiฮฑn-ss2t eisaernc NcGM/PO adn aeidslvaot +
sarahs  yhw si edcesanigr McPA o?rwng +1
hiroshimi  a@:shsar you tnaw to ainescre AcMP ecbsaeu ti loduw adle to ntasaiodovli and elhp ot cdeeears ish boodl upee.srrs eceiDgarsn MPAc dulow eamk ihs BP sowr.e +
fatboyslim  2lapah ntmtiosuali auessc ionoasdalvti esauecb ti is icshml.ytptoay +

simple rule of thumb is

Calcium --> vasoconstriction (smooth muscle constriction) -- > must be Gq (alpha 1, v1)

rise in cAMP and cGMP both vasodilation (cAMP by inhibiting MLCK, cGMP by activating MLCP) so whoever causes vasodialation must increase either. cGMP is niche (NO, ANP) so most of the time it is rise in cAMP --> must be Gs (beta 2)

only exception is M3 it rises calcium (Gq) but in endothelial cells , not vascular smooth m. cells, so NO produced and causes vasodialation via rise in cGMP (again!)

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submitted by โˆ—vi_capsule(21)
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THN cegemn,rye odSmui srisei.oprudNt nilkeU ledyiaanhrz a aadnblec ootvailasdr iv(ne = orrat)eil

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sympathetikey  Well nt,eh I usesg we oudhls sutj egfrto tuabo rou dol plas hte 2A-lhpa I tidd'n vene ese that tihs swa etpsinrveeyh eynegerc.m ubmD no ym .arpt +
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whoissaad  gusrD dsue ot teatr TNH CaidoiitpemnaolloisCe ipL dmdrtlunn ceevedpailgrNornynpne:aeciosedel iNirbFe +18
lola915  alaynedriHz taullacy iosdsleaavt sre&sniieert;atvg and upoirsrNtedsi aosiavtdsel retaiser = .nsive tBoh sciarnee .GMcP +12
vi_capsule  SO hist stie soge freta menyo onw! at lesta my neotmcms rtaen' lresdmbca llo +2

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