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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#37 (reveal difficulty score)
A 17-year-old boy is evaluated for ...
Craniopharyngioma ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—sbryant6(205)
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mnpiCoagoyarnhrai hwti ictcsalfiCaoni and ohlltesorCe lraCssty oltr(m-ioo lud).fi entRnam fo 'Rhtasek o.hcup tNo ot eb fnuedcso wtih ptytiauri ad.neaom

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dubywow  sl,oA myonnarirachpoaig si otms cmoonm ierlnruattsapo ldchoiohd urtm.o taTh aws het gbi luec for .me +2
skonys  I was dcuoefsn ubaesec iaochyamrrapsgni'n heva a obmadli ega siidobtntriu twih smto nrcirgcuo in peeopl 5-41 sr.y hsiT guy si 17 nda ngesirtenp rfo a cntsliontiaotu rthgwo and tbrupey ealyd which oipsnt to ,acolpotnrmia hte otms mcnoom innbge taiiupytr muot.r He osal es'notd ahev obaretmpli phienmiao chhiw si EHT reginenpts gsin fo ocno.rrygaianmipah ohaomnynasraipirgC era eht ostm onmcom ot eb icfidecal tub inroopmsctala cna soal eb iaifelcdc. dkI I usjt hiknt its' a abegrga Q rewittn yb osem awtsye mulse ugy gcikcnla ni hsi ifefoc klei "hah,a uoy haev seuditd athw we dotl yuo to tuyds so serhe a einc ewrchn tusj to kaem het vcr"ue +1

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submitted by โˆ—aesalmon(95)
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anC enayon lexpnai why siht is tno a uptiyriat eanom?da sI ti sujt a lcak of hteor ?ssopmmyt

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benzjonez  I inkth tath yhte just wnedat yuo ot ontcie teh ctf*.ioanic**aics*l Per A,F acfcot"nsciiial aer ommnco ni hyrogsnomac"aaiin,pr swraeeh I n'otd hkitn dyou' tecxpe ot ese laccitncoafisi ni a oicpmoaal.ntr +21
epr94  aosl hte niopto si atmralcpooni tno rdabo titaiyrpu tiiclcanfascoi nad he enodst swho nay ccesipfi sgsin fo ighh caoiltrpn +
madojo  tI says hes icnmgo in orf ltooaciutnnis aydel ni wthrgo dan tyb,eurp i tkoo hsit to aenm htta eh had low H,L FHS deu ot ddsareeec HnGR ormf hte ar.mctnpioaol Wyh did thye have ot ays a-wloomnrl sremu ooo,dtrnnigap wyh otn ustj say nm?oarl fck u mbne +2
madojo  tI ysas seh cimgon ni rof nttalosuiicon yelda ni wrtogh dan pruytb,e i ootk ihst ot neam ttha eh ahd wlo HL, SHF ued to edrsedeca HGnR rofm hte oima.ronpcatl hWy idd heyt veha ot yas wlomralon- serum onodipantro,g wyh ton sutj asy ?orlman ckf u enmb +1
ac3  @ajodom I eeebliv sicen aspuelslrra tsrmou nac useca a assm tfefce on rtptuiayi dlagn ot eraedecs onoapditgnro lse.evl heWre as orptmalacnoi ssecau a reis in rloncptia wcihh uedlregnotaws atgodooinnpr .etseconri aelPse coretrc em if I'm rgnwo +2
teepot123  af '19 pg 561 +
macroorchidism  aehY eth owlnolma-r rhtew me of..h.tfat dna teh tcfa het k""id was 71. sathT sbalyicla an autdl. I ysaawl guhtoht teh aionnaorpCigasmyhnr amten lkei ihedlcnr &l;t10 yo.. +

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