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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#2 (reveal difficulty score)
A 23-year-old woman comes to the student ...
Obliterative endarteritis with lymphocytes and plasma cells ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—wasabilateral(47)
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sylipihS heptaensiosg si teh mmiontaaifnl dan rebinatoilto of het vsaa saorvmu llma(s doobl evlssse) taht edsef briegg odblo vsesles eilk a,trao rre,saeti tr.eaorsiel tI deos ont trtame tahw het seagt si, T. dulmpial sencift teh asva ormausv ,adn ni eth ,scepsor esatieltrob hte eenvrs nda dlboo vsl.sese This llski oodbl lpsuyp ot heost arsae = ciihsmea but on pnia al(episns r.ehcnca) reMo lcdezialo in eeliarr sgsta,e and ni lrtae ,gtsae het rhoesicspet dmenitiea,ss os ouy hvae het otraa dan lniaps ocrd tonmlvnevie utb smea pah.insteegso d(it:E jnGaol nidealpxe htis hr.eowe)sem

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privatejoker  So is teh iyvealh leimdpi s-sewtpei tomairofn fo piislyhS smtsympo as eendptres ni FA mcloepte BS eh?tn hyW ebrka ti wdon ntio tegsas nda evah su lerna it sa hucs fi sith is tno eth asce in arel icrapct?e +5
lilmonkey  x,yctEal aonljG netmidneo isth ni oen fo hsi oaudi cltes.rue All dkisn fo noisles ni lssihypi esdauc by asvt.iisulc +3
lovebug  I nkow t'si yilsl ubt Coudl neanyo veig na hyw eswnra is lcyeythmpo and almpas cell otn nreslph?iut.oe bc sihpslyi is a atarbic,e ont svri.u +1
trazobone  guvl@eob ym ssuge is cb ist a recepishot, os ti etโ€™ndos cta ilke a alromn tb.riaaec Oen of eth nceesgrin stte ofr ipshysil is TAF Ab,s os a npofiileroatr in pasmla llces kemas se.nes Tneh by iced,uondt fi its able ot ffteca lmaspa clel,s it cna od teh esam whti spo.tmceyhyl utB ihst is em yritng ot lcogi nrhyeitegv hegtrtoe s.o +1
jatsyuk38  yaM be wrtoh ntgoni taht gztnenoiicr asmrgoalnu anc be odnuf ni eht aumgsm fo atiteryr nDoest gcenah hte orrtecc ceoich as ntsoe was ylon 2 kewes +
unknown001  ol,l i usjt elov aboz'otresn s'he a matsr uedd +

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submitted by โˆ—liltr(25)
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It si iyss.lphi siSphyli si na dirst!irteane :)

heTโ€œ icaghoptlo hcsgane eatcadoiss hitw iplyihss rea eerczitcradha yb lioibetrtave isrtdanriete ttha si dunof ni lla sgteas of eth sideโ€esa.

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submitted by โˆ—oznefu(22)
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dloCu noyena iegv an eaxmpel of hatw seadessi ludow tseb tmhac teh torhe wsaenr ?sheccoi

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vonhippelindau  ropyLse is a enstnaoaignc rgnluamoa y.if I nfduo taht ulamgrano whti rutpipauosn acn be ascude yb sibosmlatscyo gdccaoirn to obbsRni g(p :107) nโ€œI the mnrloa o,hst eth lgun eonisls of smoossaticbyl are rseaputipuv ln.smagaoru sacreagoMhp ahev a meitidl ailitby ot nsgiet dan lkli B. dmsiidtt,reia nda teh inrecstspee fo eth atsey eclsl eslda ot dnnctieuo mrtiuncrtee of tprnesohiul. nI usis,et .B mseiidratitd is a ,ndour 5- ot -5ฮผm1 ayste elcl htta idvdsei yb bbaoarsed-d iudbg.nd tI sha a tci,hk nublor-ddcooeute clel la,wl nad lbiisve nuleic gi.(F -3.1)58 vlImoeevtnn fo teh kins dan rynlxa is ctiedoassa htiw dmrkae eihtlplaie yas,paehlrpi ihhcw may be ieanmtsk ofr qssmouua cell miraao.ccnโ€ +7
usmleuser007  uPtlonyauoomsagr IlntiaonAa mf mn imarlfynamot rsspceo in hcwih teher is finaionirtlt fo lmacluronpepyrooh lecls onit a eomr rochnci raae fo itafamomnnil rcaztaideecrh yb erculanmono ,slcle apsgaomcher, ylhtsopymce nad pslbosiy apaslm ll.sce Amyionsctec s.p is vimo,p-aeisgtr โ€“de-tgeaaniavctfsi iaofltnmuse beaitcra thta cseua tnslropoaayoumug oisntfince in ,dgos stac, acttle, ,oagst ,ewins serh,os sxeof nad nuahm +2

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