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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#7 (12.1 difficulty score)
A 50-year-old man who is a college professor ...
It must be difficult for you to accept this diagnosis when you feel healthy.πŸ”

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submitted by makinallkindzofgainz(217),

It's D because you're being compassionate and every other answer makes no sense:

  • A: You can't promise that things will be okay.
  • B: Being a dick.
  • C: Being a dick.
  • E: Being a dick.

submitted by imnotarobotbut(159),
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nwinkelmann  Me too... also, he's had cough that's worsening for 6 months plus hemoptysis for 1 week... I didn't interpret that as "feeling healthy." The correct answer was my first choice just because it was the least "dick-ish" but to me, he didn't sound like he "felt health," so I didn't go with it. +1  
nor16  if he didnt feel healthy, why would he say something like that then... but i agree, these (especially this) question(s) are often XYZ123! +1  

submitted by neovanilla(35),

But he doesn't feel healthy...he's been coughing for 6 months, with blood for a week. If I were him, I'd think something was really wrong with me, and that I was certainly NOT healthy...By telling him it must be hard, yeah, it's compassionate, but you're not answering his question at all. He asked you, "How can this be happening to me?"