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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#37 (61.8 difficulty score)
A 28-year-old woman is brought to the ...
Area labeled ‘C’ (Abducens nucleus, right)🔍

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submitted by imgdoc(135),
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I nkith ist het hgirt LFM a(ear C), nto teh thigr csbeandu snelucu hatt si iesledon on teh scsro octeis.n If eht nbsucdea usnclue ewre oensdiel seh wtdol'un eahv ocaubtnid in her letf yee. heT FML amsteedi cross lkat ebewtne het audcesbn cesnluu no btoh eidss ot teh FLM no hte popoiest sied (2 ebnasucd nuliec, 2 FML neo on aehc de)i.s nI her asce, hre igtrh FLM saw'tn unigfcntion nehce wyh hse was aggzni elft tbu reh hgtir lidedm rcstue wna'st cagtnncoti ot timedea dflaewtr gzea.

Tish rectuip :slehp t//5ho/hp1pgnejbsowtae9tu.1h./t_nw-hlon2c0wp2F-:ctt-0htmmum//4dpwp/ao

imgdoc  *medial rectus +  
quip13  This shows the MLF pathway in a saggital cut: +  

submitted by lnsetick(93),
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hTis si lntuicneerra apte.hmlaligpoho nI ONI ouy ldowu ese aerpiimd uotdaicdn urndgi ntorihozal eazg due ot a lioesn of eht laliptaeris F.LM e,oewHvr nsice the FLM is nto nveoivdl ni n,cgvonrecee eht daftcfee eye si tlisl laeb to gevrncoe olyln.mra

submitted by ahd_ve(6),
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shiT inmaeg is a tnvresrsea siotnec othhrgu eth posn at het evlel of mliiteragn cue:n liA nad :B rrSoeupi Ceebrelrla uCc endep.l dan :D iaeldM anlgudniltoiin fscc.luu aiEs nad :F nusBlde of raicosnopiltc dna tiocrnlucrae ir.esbf

submitted by drdoom(883),
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eesrH’ aoehrtn eyvr cein noe hatt eupesrpsimos eth haapwyt ootn a lpsiedimfi nametirsb warigdn eni(c rfo het acamntaoil )oserlinat:


uocSer :eaicrtl


To see nvee oem,r tyr ooelgg maegi saecrh no emi“dla utolaglnindi ucs”l:cfusia


endochondral1  what is A and B in this pic? i knew it was dorsal pons ipsilateral but i just didn't know what part that was on the pic? +  
nwinkelmann  A and B are the superior cerebellar peduncles. +  

submitted by hyperfukus(76),
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os eth nsileo is in eth Rgith FML thrgi? If so mI' ujst uobta to iemmzore hte yee ese MEAS FMiL lol tsi eth LFM on eht amse desi fo hte eey peek it semilp i pheo thsat' htaw llya ear gynisa lol

submitted by drdoom(883),
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Neci imhtceacs of ohw oniahrlzto eazg si oceaordtnid tghhuor hte ccuomans/Ml/ruFdLobeoto ap:wtayh


nI teh mida,rga het smesty is adcioitognrn zeag artodw pst’ tfel, hhiwc (ectonevinln)y is eht msae as ni eht m.tse

oSurec cielt:ar neut:/oc/tt.0e/g/7nghr7pyerooonl.ts51n/7/

hello  Oops meant +1  

submitted by pppro(23),
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ehT nlseio is ni eht delima lidanguolnti


submitted by hello(313),
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If ouy deen a neerifdft iiteantnoro rof a agmiadr of hte ahasytpw:


hello  Oops meant +  

submitted by okokok1(11),

The question stem is describing a pt with Multiple Sclerosis. INO is HIGHLY associated with that. Then if you follow the rule of 4's, you know that the MLF is medial and ipsilateral to the affected side. Thus, it must be the medial right structure.