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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#37 (55.0 difficulty score)
A 28-year-old woman is brought to the ...
Area labeled ‘C’ (Abducens nucleus, right)🔍

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submitted by imgdoc(129),
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I thnki tsi eth tgihr LFM eaar( ),C not eht ighrt sanbudec eucslun htat is edseolin on het rsocs teoi.cns If eht cesanbud ulneusc rwee eesdinlo esh odlun'wt hvae cnatoibud in reh flte eTh FML ideaestm sosrc katl eewetnb hte sdbecuan ceuusln on btho seids ot eth LMF on eht poetsopi dsei 2( ebnsduca uilne,c 2 MFL oen on ecah .e)sid In her eacs, hre trgih LMF wtans' fnunctoniig ecneh wyh ehs swa niaggz tlef ubt rhe tgihr ldedim creuts w'tans ctotgncnia to miedeta lfetwdra gaez.

Tish ceturpi es:plh tno//-ewhtp:mw-j9_ase415wu/pn2m/cpmo10chulhw/F.thotptgb/0ndpt.tah/-o2

imgdoc  *medial rectus +  
quip13  This shows the MLF pathway in a saggital cut: +  

Quick review of gaze control; using leftward gaze as example

  • horizontal gaze control stems from left frontal gaze center
  • signal crosses to right pontine gaze center
  • signal goes to right MLF that yokes together right eye CN III to adduct and left eye CN VI to abduct and look to the left
+/- jackie_chan(13),

Correction to myself sorry, wish could edit/delete I got the crossing mixed

For left gaze + horizontal gaze stems from RIGHT frontal gaze center + crosses to LEFT pontine gaze center + left pontine gaze center links to left CN VI to abduct left eye; sends crossing to link with the RIGHT MLF + RIGHT MLF then adducts the right eye via CN III

+/- jackie_chan(13),

submitted by lnsetick(86),
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hTsi is ieuncnterral ha.oatilpohpemlg In NOI uoy oldwu see rdmpaiei dniutadco gnudri lnariozoth azge edu ot a esnoli of teh epalrtiisal LMF. Hvor,wee scine eth LFM si tno lnvveoid ni ecov,gcnnree the feacefdt yee is iltls blea to ceegnorv

submitted by ahd_ve(5),
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iTsh eminga si a artsenvres eotcisn hotugrh the onsp ta eth velle fo tirnalimge nA:i eclu dna B: ueiorprS ereerlabCl ucdl e.pCen dan :D alieMd alionuitnigdnl auclsE.sucif nda :F esdBnul fo pcoaiotsilncr nad canrlcteriuo rifbe.s

submitted by drdoom(686),
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s’eeHr rentoha yrve neic neo atht uepmseisrsop eht aypahtw ootn a femiisdlpi brtiaensm nagrwdi (ceni fro eth imltaaocan traolsnie:)


rcouSe clterai:


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endochondral1  what is A and B in this pic? i knew it was dorsal pons ipsilateral but i just didn't know what part that was on the pic? +  
nwinkelmann  A and B are the superior cerebellar peduncles. +  

submitted by hyperfukus(69),
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so teh nsieol si in the hgRti MLF tih?rg fI so 'Im stju buoat ot mmeieorz het yee see ASEM MiLF llo ist teh FML on eht meas dsei of eth eey ekep ti emlisp i ohep hs'att athw alyl are snigay lol

submitted by drdoom(686),
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ecNi ccstemhai fo hwo alozoirthn egaz is doionaetdcr hutghro hte or/nau/lomcsMucoeobdtFL ah:wpayt


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ouecrS a:rcltie /

hello  Oops meant +1  

submitted by pppro(22),
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ehT noiesl is ni eth dlieam lnlontugidai uusfs.ilac


submitted by hello(259),
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fI ouy dnee a teieffdnr ioenriatont rfo a iadamrg of eth tayas:wph


hello  Oops meant +