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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#36 (reveal difficulty score)
Which of the following drug effects is the ...
Anticholinergic ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—bubbles(79),
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I geedssu a olt on this tsoniuqe nad got lykcu :(

submitted by โˆ—seagull(1916),
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ihchW fo eht oglfnwilo rnsseoa si why htsi setquoin is ulbl?

1) ngsUi the rwdo "ycic"lc ienatsd fo ityircccl orf tyaclri

2) nwKigno all of myliopeigode fo all rgdsu

)3 vhaign ot asroen tou ttha noharlcieicitng festefc rea orpabylb teh otswr vore a1plha ro H1 sftecfe to on neta.yictr

4) Teh ingrcplpi soisedernp fo distungy rof sokyadest--ew on ned ot byrlapob do eaagver on hte stte.

nlkrueger  ,yo eriuectfnwgk-et- +26  
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fcambridge  I tsuj lkei ot deprent that h'rtees a onsera hsti oeitusqn si own ni an EBNM dna no gnleor iebgn used rfo hte stet. lopflueHy yeth dierelaz teh iidoyc of thsi tsuoqein ikel we lal od +1  
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tekkenman101  wostr" ot "ecrnxeeepi si eicbnyildr ebsejcvtiu +1  

submitted by โˆ—niboonsh(404),
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r-tiCyCliC psninrtdeaeets - aint C oenrihcigl, C atn dants pu 1a( )o,clbk C oocatxidir ro(nlgpo tq by nssiegm w an )schenanl

waterloo  'thats lcoo and lla but theer aer so myna seid csfftae wneh ti secmo to .AsCT H1 aiga,nontsm ededrcu ,ioidlb slo.noincsvu +1  

submitted by โˆ—kard(52),
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ylccriTci nda ryclcaicett dpsstetinsnaear, lsoa lldeac yliccc en.sTeitrp anhsasted iheerprpla tiocrhialncgeni amlspniotc fo yrd otum,h at,osntpociin aorlcu side secetff adn irynura hytcenais rea ereisddcb nad csficpei lalicnic luiesdgien rfo rtihe ceifeevtf mnmatageen rae .edidvrop

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eot:N Psalee if mi anktis,em or ym cppaohra is sknat,eim rtoccer .e.m. nThka yuo

submitted by โˆ—jessikasanz(9),
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SsSRI' kame ya epeeep ton rwko, anm on eilk wnhe pepeee not wkro. anm opts takgin I.SSR Ponit and h:Soto rei=cEtno ,rphstamctaepyia so cAh si esdu ofr treiceosn. lhicteigAnonric ldaes to klca of Ach wchhi asedl ot no oceiret.n

submitted by โˆ—lowyield(43),
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my etbs usseg orf wyh igrel-cnainthcoi is wreso ntha cnieedargr ro nmsaihtiic wsa jtsu /bc ehty cikst noaetrpi twhi apnxehidoylte to netrepv besua htb( hot kid if itsh locig ssntda at lal ubt e)h

submitted by โˆ—umpalumpa(6),
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'etsL clktae odnw itsh uqeosnti sbtye-s:tpp-e C- cna be c-rusdstooe (aeubsec ACT auessc t,iM-na not tooniciiclmhme sdei fEefs-) te;c nac eb rdeooucts-s ebuacse TCA eods ont ascue mhmoipcimaeystt DRA; - C anc eb o-scurdetos ucbseae at-Hni ffteec si tiendaso hhwi(c is secuda aosl yb hiictaninerglco ftef)ce + caesreind wtgit/hipaeeept igan cihh(w is htmeogsin tth,a in my pnino,io acn lslti be under lntcroo yb the pg-et yb ocrgtrecni )siyfle;tel t-h e ltas 2 ospiton rea ciainergrentad nad n:nielgoahicirct bhot ucsea ides eetcsff that are iildfutfc ot ekep dunre n;tlocro rreevo,mo kpgnesai in epmils t,esmr niaeclihrtocngi cueas a mchu rihegh erbumn of DRA tnah rtiniaancrgdee ap(ah1l =nimnsotgaa LYNO otttiahrcso notnosh)ypie. oe,ehrrefT tlcoieianrnigch si eth rwena.s

submitted by flexatronn(5),
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dik buaot alyl btu ctkhsey :haprm atth labet hwti het abitbr and uffst is HY. Pya neiattton to theso

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